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Clay Travis: Colin Kaepernick's 'Nonsensical' Martyr Shtick is Now Over

Clay Travis: “Colin Kaepernick went on a former NFL player’s podcast and begged for an NFL job as a backup. This comes just six months after Colin Kaepernick equated the NFL with slavery in his Netflix special. He’s begging for a job and said he would even be willing to work as a backup. I don’t have any problem with Colin Kaepernick getting a job but I wonder why his tune has changed so substantially in such short order. Why is he suddenly saying ‘I’m willing to work as a backup’? Is his money vanishing? Does he need money? Is his relevance and influence plummeting? What is going on that Colin Kaepernick is suddenly begging so aggressively for a backup job in the NFL? I kind of welcome it because his martyrdom is over. Colin Kaepernick doesn’t matter anymore if he’s standing on the sideline holding a clipboard not even good enough to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, which is where I think his skill set would be. What in the world is he trying to gain here? It doesn’t really logically add up, the situation and the arguments that he’s putting himself out there for... But in the span of six months he’s gone from arguing the NFL is modern-day slavery to begging for a job. I guess he wants to be a slave again. What is telling, however, is how few people in sports media will even point out the nonsensical and inconsistent logic based behind Colin Kaepernick at this point. No one will even point it out hardly other than me and Outkick.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage explain why he thinks Colin Kaepernick’s patented ‘believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything’ shtick will quickly dry up if he ends up being signed back into the NFL for the first time since 2016 as a backup quarterback.

Check out the video above as Clay calls out the hypocrisy of Kaepernick as a player now ‘begging’ for a backup quarterback job just six months removed from a Netflix special in which Kaepernick compared the league and its players to modern-day slavery.

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