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Rob Parker Calls Out 'Phony' Draymond Green After Rant Against Chris Russo

Draymond Green: “The landscape of media is about to change. Those ‘shut up and play’ and ‘shut up and dribble’ days are long gone. We don’t listen to that anymore, we don’t want to hear it anymore. It has no place here, nor will it be tolerated. You will no longer be allowed to sit there and say what you want, you will no longer be allowed to put out these false narratives, you will no longer be allowed to not know what you’re talking about and we’re going to listen to you. Those days are long gone. You know why? Because we have guys like JJ Redick who’s done it, who speaks it, who knows how to speak on any different topic, who’s not afraid to shut an idiot up. When I say sincerely yours, the ‘new media’, you will be held accountable and you will have to know what you’re talking about in order to speak on these sports. You know why? Because we’re doing it now.”

Rob Parker: “The notion that Draymond is the ‘new media’ and that he’s the new sheriff in town, and they’re going to hold people accountable if you say something – I find that to be comical. He could not be more wrong. Most former players aren’t the media. THEY have their own narrative. THEY are the ones holding and keeping secrets from fans, they’re not giving you the 'real'. Yeah, they’re giving you the big interviews but they don’t ask the questions that we want to hear. Pat McAfee has Aaron Rodgers on and he doesn’t even ask follow-ups. It’s great to have Aaron Rodgers on every week but can you ask the questions that need to be asked?? NO, because you guys have a secret code – ‘COME ON MY SHOW! WE WON’T ASK YOU ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE! WE WON’T DIG A LITTLE BIT!’ DRAYMOND, YOU’RE NOT THE MEDIA. YOU GUYS ARE THE BIGGEST BABIES. CHARLES BARKLEY PLAYED THE GAME AND YOU GUYS CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH FROM CHARLES BARKLEY, SHAQ, OR KENNY SMITH. First it was we weren’t good enough because we didn’t play in the NBA, and we don’t know the game. And then Charles Barkley came down on the guys and it was ‘oh, well they’re just jealous because they don’t make the money that we make. Those old heads don’t know what they’re talking about.' They were ripping on Charles Barkley because he was calling people out. You guys are all PHONIES, and to walk around and act like you’re media members. You’re not media members because you don’t have to answer to anybody. This notion there’s this ‘new media’ and they’re going to check everybody, they don’t even check themselves. Turner had a show ‘Players Only’ and they canceled it. It was all players. You wouldn’t want a show with 10 former NBA players talking? No, it was boring and didn’t give you any information. I’m so tired of this phony act. If we don’t know about the NBA because we didn’t play, you don’t know about our business because you didn’t go to journalism school. You don’t have any formal training and you don’t even know what it is to be a reporter. I cannot stress this enough. STOP listening to these guys who act like reporters. I cringe every time I watch a player interview another player because I know we’re not going to get anything. They protect each other, they’re in bed with each other because of their agents, or who they played with, or what school they went to. You’re not going to get the REAL, I’m telling you.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker call out Draymond Green for his recent diatribe against sports radio legend Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo, as Green continued to be outspoken towards members of the media who often criticize players during a rant in which Green proclaimed that there will soon be a ‘new media’ who will no longer get away with that.

Check out the audio above as Parker calls Green’s rant ‘comical’, saying that legitimate media members like Russo keep sports honest and entertaining, while ‘phonies’ and ‘babies’ like Draymond just help out their athlete buddies by constantly lobbing them softball questions and refusing to challenge them with follow-ups.

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