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Colin Cowherd Defends Ryan Tannehill After Controversial Malik Willis Quote

Ryan Tannehill: “We’re competing against each other, we’re watching the same tape, we’re doing the same drills, I don’t think it’s my job to mentor him, but if he learns from me along the way then that’s a great thing.”

Colin Cowherd: “Ryan Tannehill took a lot of heat today, and it’s important that you hear the soundbite to listen to the tone. Sometimes you’ll see words written down and think it sounds harsh. There’s no emoji for sarcasm, and 10-12% of America doesn’t even get sarcasm, so ‘tone’ matters. This was not mean-spirited by Ryan Tannehill. He’s not taking a shot at the quarterback the Titans just drafted, Malik Willis. There are only 32 starting quarterback jobs in the NFL and some fluctuate week to week. But for veteran quarterbacks, and Tannehill is a sneaky 34, the average salary is $27 million. Yeah, I’m not going to give that up any time soon. Here’s a guy in Tannehill – they just traded his star receiver, he’s sneaky old, he’s been hurt before, they just drafted his replacement – Ryan Tannehill is fighting for his life and fighting for his career. He just lost a home playoff game and admitted he had to go to therapy. He’s fighting for his career, it’s not his job to develop his replacement. Some of you are naïve. I love bringing in young people and assisting them, but I’m not developing them to replace me. You can be two things at once, you can be a great teammate, if Malik asks you a question, give him an answer, and put your arm around him ‘hey man, you’re doing a great job', but I’m not developing you to steal my job. Ryan Tannehill is telling you that he can be two things – be good in the film room and be a good guy – but I’ve got one of the best 32 jobs in America, I’m not going to develop my heir apparent.” (Full video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss Ryan Tannehill’s controversial ‘I don’t think it’s my job to mentor him’ comments about recently drafted Titans quarterback prospect Malik Willis, as the remarks, appearing worse on paper than they do in-person and heavily flamed on social media, have attracted heat to the besieged Titans veteran.

Check out the video above as Colin defends Tannehill and explains why there’s a big difference between being a good teammate, and outright grooming your successor to steal your job.

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