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Colin Cowherd Says Which Teams Had the Best and Worst NFL Draft Grades

Watch Colin Cowherd give out his most notable NFL Draft grades from last weekend, as Colin focuses on which teams he thought had the best drafts, and which ones had the worst.

Broncos: A

Cowboys: D

Eagles: A-

Jets: A++

Lions: B+

Packers: C

Patriots: F

Ravens: A

Seahawks: A

Notable Grades:

“I give the Cowboys a ‘D’. First of all, they lost a lot of production. The edge Sam Williams had all sorts of off-the-field problems in college and a lot of people took him off their board. They were the most penalized offensive line last year and they drafted the most penalized offensive lineman in college. I didn’t see much of a plan and it’s the second straight year they’ve gone with a lot of red flag character guys, so I didn’t like it.”
“Jets get my highest grade, ‘A++’. I think this is about as good of a draft as I’ve ever seen. They got four of the best players at their respective positions in the first two rounds. They got a starting corner, a starting receiver, a starting edge, a starting running back, and a lot of people thought the tight end Jeremy Ruckert was the second-best tight end in college football. That’s about as good as you can draft. Again, it’s a rebuilding roster, so it allows you a lot of picks and a lot of guys who can start, but Joe Douglas in back-to-back drafts has just hit it absolutely out of the park. Can Zach Wilson synch it all together? They got wildly productive players in the first couple rounds and I don’t think there are any misses.”
“I give the Patriots an ‘F’. Why are they drafting running backs? They have a stable, Damien Harris, Rhamondre Stevenson, why are they drafting running backs when they’ve got them? I thought they reached on everything. I got the guard, I wouldn’t have picked him there, but I get that Shaq Mason left, and they do a great job on the o-line, but wouldn’t you have been better off just retaining JC Jackson the corner instead of drafting a couple and crossing your fingers? And you drafted them third and fourth-round so you know they won’t be as good at least for the next two years. I don’t get their strategy at all.”

Check out the FULL segment above.

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