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'What a Joke': Doug Gottlieb Rips Patrick Beverley as an NBA Analyst

"Doug Gottlieb: “I don’t think Patrick Beverley understands how being in the media actually works. The ‘reporting’ media’s job is to get stories and report those stories. But when you’re in the ‘opinion’ space you have to get an opinion, and you have to cut away – 1. the bias, negative or positive towards somebody, which a lot of those guys struggle with, but also 2. the bias of being a former athlete and just looking at it and being real about it… Pat Beverley, you LOSE people completely when you act like the arrogant NBA athlete that so many assume that NBA athletes are... Pat Beverley, if you’re going to die on a hill, James Harden’s hill is not the one to die on -- in a week in which you have a chance to carve out a potential career for yourself which is as good, or greater than your NBA career. What a joke!... I'm sure social media will love it becuase he's just saying stuff that doesn't make any sense but it's hot-takey. There are other guys who will give a hot take because they are talking about something they don't know, but I think this is worse. To be in the NBA and say things that are defiably false, outright mean, and oh by the way, obtuse to reality and turns people off to your sport -- congratulations, hell of a week and you're only in day two." (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out Patrick Beverley’s rambunctious first week as a guest analyst on ESPN's NBA Playoff coverage that has already seen Beverley go viral for a now-infamous blast he made on Chris Paul’s horrendous defense, and another rant calling out Matt Barnes for a critical take he made about James Harden not deserving a 'Super Max' contract extension.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details why Beverley’s trolling has gotten so absurd that it’s starting to alienate fans.

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