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'I'm Part-Crazy': Tom Brady Opens Up About Why He Ended His Retirement

Dan Patrick: “Give me the day and the moment when you say to Gisele ‘I’m going back.’"

Tom Brady: “We had quite a bit of time together [Gisele], mostly when I kind of told the team ‘look, you guys have to make plans without me’, and then Jason [Licht], and Bruce [Arians] just said to give it time. I said ‘look, I feel pretty strongly’, and then time went by and you just get super competitive. I think I’m part-crazy, I mean I think that’s the reality. Forty-five years old and I’m out here with a lot of young guys that are trying to take my head off. I see Aaron Donald work out on my Instagram and I’m like ‘damn, maybe I should of retired!' because he’s a beast. But I have the appetite to compete and it’s going to be gone soon, there’s no doubt about it, and I just really need to appreciate the time I have left because it’s not a lot… The best part of retiring for a very brief period of time was that I got to explore a lot of other opportunities. Although it was kind of abrupt, I’m happy I went through it.”

Listen to Tom Brady join The Dan Patrick Show opening up about why he ended his retirement after just 39 days, as the seven-time Super Bowl champion coupled one of the most viral retirements in history, with one of the most talked-about comebacks in history as well.

Check out the segment above as well as the FULL interview below.

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