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Why an Immature Kyler Murray Needs a Football Intervention ASAP

Jason Smith: “Kyler Murray is the only starting quarterback in the NFL to not meet with the media during OTAs and minicamp. All the others did at least once. Per NFL rules you HAVE to do this and you have to meet with the media during OTAs and minicamp or you get fined. This is what keeps the NFL going and it also doesn’t make you look good. At this point, Kyler Murray needs a football intervention. This doesn’t mean that suddenly he’s tanking his career and he’s not going to get a big contract, but he needs an intervention for a couple of different reasons. Sometimes we hear about what he’s doing, sometimes we don’t, we don’t really hear from him when it comes to his contract extension that the Cardinals want to give him, we get nothing, he scrubs references from his Instagram page… here’s the football intervention that Kyler Murray needs… I would sit him down and say ‘listen, dude, you’re very young in your career and you need to know a couple of things going forward about what it means to be a quarterback.’ 1. Is that you’re NOT as good as you think you are. You are a guy who has a lot of talent and you’ve played pretty well but the NFL has kind of told you what they feel about how good you are as a player by teams not calling about ‘f them picks’ offers when it looked like you were not happy with your team. NO ONE called to make crazy offers for Kyler Murray, which should tell you what people think, that he is still in a ‘prove it’ aspect of his career. There is a disconnect between the two sides [Murray and Arizona]. If you think they’re going to trade you and do you a favor, no they’re going to trade you to the NFL equivalent of ‘Hoth’ [Planet in Star Wars] if you really want. Be mature, show you are a leader, and go out and play. Sign a contract or don’t sign a contract, but show you can handle being a quarterback in the NFL, and all that’s going to do is good things for you throughout, because right now the image of you throughout the league is ‘here is a talented guy, he’s upset about something, we know he might not be the greatest leader, and he’s got a maturity issue.'" (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio explain why he thinks Kyler Murray desperately needs a ‘football intervention’ to save him from establishing a reputation that comes off as insufferable, detached, and immature.

Check out the audio above as Smith details what Murray has to do to salvage his souring standing in the league.

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