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The Los Angeles Rams 'Dynasty' is Officially Over

Jason Smith: “Is the era of the Rams over? I’m pretty sure it is. It’s been a real big NFL-altering six-year run for the Rams who have been to two Super Bowls and won one, and have done it with the ‘F them picks’ strategy that teams are starting to adhere to. It doesn’t matter with draft picks, let’s go get young or veteran established players, they’re going to come in and play well for us right away, and were going to be able to win now. Nobody in the NFL ever built that way because it was always about the draft picks but the Rams said ‘F THEM PICKS’ and they wound up winning. Not only that but they kept it going for a period of 5-6 years. They keep kicking that can down the road of where they were with salary cap issues, and where they were with draft picks but now the era of the Rams looks like it’s over. Not just because you’re worried about salary cap issues because you’re paying Matthew Stafford, Bobby Wagner, Allen Robinson, and Aaron Donald, but you’re team is just not that talented, and you don’t have a lot of picks you can move to go get guys unless you want to put 2023 and 2024 at risk. You already don’t have a first round pick in 2023 and you only have four picks overall, so you’re not going to remake the roster in a year. The next year you’re really going to have roster flexibility is 2025, and where is Matthew Stafford going to be in 2.5 years? Where are these other guys going to be in 2025? Cooper Kupp is going to be over 30. The era of the Rams is over and they’re going to need a bigger rebuild than anticipated. They may not stink for three years but it’s going to be a year or two before the Rams even get close to back to where the Rams were. You just got worked by Colt McCoy, I mean, c’mon man. It was a great 6-year run but now you gotta stop and retool, reload, and rebuild, and in a year and a half maybe we see the next era of the Rams.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio explain why he believes the elite five-year run the Los Angeles Rams made with a wide open Super Bowl window is now closed, as Cooper Kupp’s ankle injury should kill off any chance the 3-6 Rams had at a comeback in 2022.

From 2017-2022 the Rams went 55-26, won three division titles in five years, went to two Super Bowls, and won one.

Check out the segment above as Smith says it’s time the Rams look towards 2025 and beyond, possibly even a future Sean McVay won’t want to be around for.

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