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Colin Cowherd Ranks these Five Teams as Potential Fits For Aaron Rodgers

Colin Cowherd: “It has been reported that the Packers would move Aaron to the AFC… I thought about the Jets and I was like ‘ehhhh, there’s a reason why they haven’t made the playoffs in 12 years.' He’s not going to go from a stable organization to a wonky one with all that nonsense, a bunch of kids, and a coach on the hot seat. I don’t think the Raiders work although I do like their offensive weapons. Aaron could have a very good year with the Raiders and still finish in third or fourth place in the AFC West. Like the Jets, it’s just too wonky of an organization. The Titans do feel like it’s something. Aaron hasn’t had a lot of great defenses, Titans have a great defense. They also have a great coach in Mike Vrabel, and Nashville is a super cool city if you’re young and single without any kids. But the Titans always feel weapons deprived. They always feel they’re a tight end or wide receiver shy and their offensive line is BAD. If I’m Aaron, single and no kids, I’m thinking Miami. Get over the Tua thing, that’s an eyeroll. How many times have they told us they love Tua and an hour later there’s a Deshaun Watson story or a Tom Brady story? If you trust Miami that is a YOU problem. They have a great left tackle, unbelievable weapons, no state tax, warm weather, and it’s a city for a single guy. They have unbelievable speed at wide receiver and capable running backs. Super brilliant offensive head coach from the 49ers system. Mike Gesicki is a better than average tight end. Look at the division, Jets don’t have a quarterback, Patriots quarterback is limited, and it looks like Josh Allen and the Bills are regressing.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd present his Aaron Rodgers pie chart ranking the five teams he thinks Rodgers could be playing for next season, with reports that the Packers would be willing to trade Rodgers to the AFC in the event they move on from him.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks the Dolphins offer the best backdrop for the 39-year-old

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