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'He's a Cheater': Rob Parker Says Hall of Fame Should Keep Tom Brady Out

Photo: Andrew Burton

Rob Parker: “When we talk about Tom Brady’s glowing career let’s make sure we include EVERYTHING. Include the cheating scandals with the Patriots, include how he was suspended by the NFL for Deflategate and doctoring footballs…Make sure you do what you do to Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, and their tainted careers. Make sure that when you’re reciting the good stuff Tom Brady did, make sure you include the other stuff that was in the mix because we do it for everybody else and he shouldn’t get a pass. He shouldn’t get a pass because ultimately, he did cheat. His team cheated and Tom Brady cheated. If I’m a voter for the Pro Football Hall of Fame I would not vote Tom Brady into the Hall of Fame. I would NOT because of the steps and the things he did to get a competitive advantage over other people. What people always kill me with is ‘IT AIN’T THE SAME THING! IT’S JUST AIR IN THE BALL! HE DIDN’T DO IT, BELICHICK DID IT!’ Well, getting teams’ defensive signals would help the quarterback, wouldn’t it?? Go talk to those other players who probably got cheated out of Super Bowls. Go talk to those guys on the Rams who thought they should have won another Super Bowl, but instead it went to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. That’s what cheating is. Whether you steal $5 out of your grandmother’s purse or you steal $1 million from the bank, you’re a THIEF. Tom Brady DID cheat, why can’t we acknowledge it? Teflon Tom! All we ever do is ‘TOM IS THE GREATEST! HE’S THE GOAT!’ He marred and tainted his career being a part of that. We’re not going to let Tom Brady skate and act like nothing else happened other than sunshine and lollypops and championships. That’s not what his career is totally about. I know the pro football writers won’t do it, but if you’re going to hold the athletes to a high standard like they do in baseball with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens than do the damn same thing to Tom Brady.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Rob Parker call out Pro Football Hall of Fame voters and demand that they don’t include ‘cheater’ Tom Brady on their ballots.

Check out the rant above as Parker questions why Brady is heralded as this immaculate ‘GOAT’ when he should be in the same category as disgraced MLB stars like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

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