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Magic Johnson on GOAT Debate: 'LeBron is Special But Jordan is the Best'

Dan Patrick: “Can LeBron surpass Michael in your eyes?”

Magic Johnson: “I don’t know, it might take a couple more championships to do that. LeBron is special, and I don’t want people always getting mad— we’ve got to celebrate both guys, Michael is the best, and we should celebrate him and celebrate LeBron. I hate when people get mad at you when you take one or the other. We should just say ‘hey, Michael is special’, and he’s the best to me because he never lost in the NBA Finals and he averaged over 30 points a game. The guy is just unbelievable. LeBron is special too in his own right too, and people shouldn’t forget that either, but when it’s all said and done, if you come at me and ask me, that’s who I am going to with and it’s MJ.”

Watch Magic Johnson join The Dan Patrick Show to explain why Michael Jordan is his pick as the greatest player in NBA history over LeBron James.

The debate is often tiresome with both players owning two vastly different eras in terms of rules and strategy, but Jordan loyalists often point to Jordan’s six championships in six tries compared to LeBron’s four championships in ten tries, Jordan’s five MVPs to LeBron’s four, Jordan’s ten scoring titles compared to LeBron’s one, Jordan winning the Defensive Player of the Year Award, a feat LeBron has never accomplished, and Jordan’s all-time leading 30.3 points per game for his career, compared to LeBron’s 27.2.

Check out the full segment above.

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