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Jason Whitlock Says Lamar Jackson is No Longer a Franchise Quarterback

Jason Whitlock: “Cleveland does something stupid with Deshaun Watson’s contract and now Lamar Jackson's expectations have been elevated. He's like ‘If Deshaun Watson, with all those sexual assault allegations hanging over his head can get $230 million guaranteed— he's never won the MVP, he's been in trouble, he's been an embarrassment, he was suspended for 11 games— I'm Lamar Jackson, how come I can't get that money??' Lamar doesn't have an agent so Lamar's ego is tied up in this, and I think he's making a mistake. Baltimore has reached the point of the negotiation and the relationship where they've mentally moved to a place where they’re like ‘you know what? I think I can do this without you.’ Men and women get this way in relationships a lot of times, and foolishly and unwisely have been like ‘you know what, I've done the mental gymnastics in my head and I know what life would look like on the other side of this divorce’ and they're willing to go there, and that's where I think the Baltimore Ravens are willing to go. The problem is I don't think anybody wants Lamar Jackson. When I say no one wants Lamar Jackson it's because the price is too high. You're going to have to surrender two or three first-round draft picks to trade for Lamar Jackson, and then you're going to have to deal with his demands for a contract that's the same as Deshaun Watson. No one wants to make that deal, this thing has blown up in Baltimore's face. They got five solid years of production out of Lamar Jackson, they got the excitement, they got his MVP season, they got all that and they got one playoff victory and no Super Bowl appearances. That might be as far as Lamar Jackson can take the Baltimore Ravens or any franchise. Baltimore was living the high life, ‘YOU TOOK THE BLACK QUARTERBACK AT THE END OF THE FIRST ROUND WHEN THE REST OF THE RACIST NFL WOULDN'T TAKE HIM! YOU'RE GREAT BALTIMORE! YOU'RE THE MODEL FRANCHISE! OH MY GOD, OZZIE NEWSOME, YOU'RE AWESOME AND JOHN HARBAUGH YOU'RE AWESOME!’…  Now, five years later was it the greatest decision? You're dealing with a quarterback that wants an unbelievable amount of money. He’s missed 10 of Baltimore's last 22 games. Other teams around the NFL are sitting there thinking ‘I don't want that. It's injured, it’s beat up, it doesn't throw the ball that effective…. Now everybody's taking a dump on Greg Roman. It went from ‘Greg Roman is the greatest’ to fired and pushed out, and now HE was the thing holding Lamar Jackson back. Are we sure about that? I’m not so sure… Because of the money, because of the draft picks, because of the offensive overhaul you would have to do-- does any team even want Lamar Jackson? This isn’t Lamar Jackson hate. I do not hate Lamar Jackson. I’m glad that he turned into a terrific player during this five-year stretch but there are tough decisions organizations have to make. If 31 teams don’t want Lamar Jackson, I don’t think he makes sense for number 32 either; not at the price he’s looking for. I move on from Lamar Jackson. I don’t even wanna give him what Russell Wilson got. The guy has played in 10 of their last 22 games. You hear all these excuses, ‘IF WE GET A NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINAOTR HE WILL DEVELOP AS A PASSER! HE’S NEVER HAD A NO. 1 WIDE RECEIVER! NONE OF THE RECEIVERS WE DRAFTED HAVE BEEN HITS!’… There is a common denominator and it’s the quarterback. Lamar Jackson is a terrific run-first quarterback who can throw a little bit but… Cam Newton had a run of greatness, then it became Cam Newton was ‘OK’, then it became Cam Newton is no good, and then he’s out of the league at 33 years old. We may have reached Lamar Jackson’s expiration date as a franchise quarterback. I believe Russell Wilson is salvageable. I don’t think Lamar is ever going to become a great passer, and I think his days as a huge difference-maker runner are behind him.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he thinks Lamar Jackson has reached his ‘expiration date’ as a franchise quarterback, as Whitlock says there will be no trade market for the former MVP winner.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock discusses why the Ravens tried with Lamar but ultimately will come to the realization that they were never reaching the Super Bowl with a run-first QB who never improved considerably as a passer.

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