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Colin Cowherd: Don't Count Out LeBron's Lakers From Winning the NBA Finals

Photo: Kevork Djansezian

Colin Cowherd: “All of you Russell Westbrook fanboys, last night was the first game with LeBron, AD, all the new guys, and no Westbrook. Did you look at the assist numbers, spacing… they played ten guys big minutes. Flexibility, shooters, people willing to set a pick and rebound, not about themselves… Westbrook was a guy who couldn’t shoot, defend, set a pick, or handle the ball, but other than that he’s fantastic!… Did you watch the Lakers last night? This is a real team. Ten deep, youth, rebounding… When Anthony Davis is engaged he’s a top 15 player, maybe even top 8. LeBron is still a top 6-7 player. That’s a real bench with real players, and LeBron didn’t even play a lot of minutes. That was enjoyable to watch— the spacing, it wasn’t toxic, it wasn’t LeBron dependent. ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION IS A REAL THING. This was one of the best games they have played all year. The West is WIDE OPEN. I look at the entire NBA and there is the ‘Big Four’. These teams should be favored for the Finals: Milwaukee, Boston, Golden State and Phoenix. Then there’s the group called ‘Don’t Ignore’: Philly, Cleveland, Denver, Memphis, Clippers. Are the Lakers capable of getting into that group? Health is a factor— Jayson Tatum in the Finals wore down and they lost control of that Finals series, we know Khris Middleton got hurt and they weren’t the same Milwaukee team, Steph Curry is hurt and the Warriors aren’t the same. Chris Paul and KD get hurt. A lot of things could happen to that ‘Big 4’. Can the Lakers get into the ‘Don’t Ignore’ group? I don’t know. LeBron is still a top 5 player, and AD when engaged is a top 10 player. Look at the Lakers schedule coming up, I see a lot of W’s here. I’m just telling ya, you can see good early, and you can see it quick. Last night looked pretty good to me. Multiple bodies, defenders, flexible, shooters, not overly LeBron-dependent last night... AD was even in a good mood. Man, good to be in LA… It’s going to be a very interesting May and June.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports explain why he’s not counting out the Los Angeles Lakers as potential NBA Finals contenders despite their putrid 27-32 record heading into the All-Star break.

Check out the segment above as Colin lists the reasons why he thinks the Russell Westbrook trade saved the Lakers’ season, and why he thinks this new Lakers team could be very dangerous going forward.

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