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Rob Parker: LeBron James Being Booed at Super Bowl Proves He's Not the GOAT

Rob Parker: “There’s no way LeBron should have been booed from this standpoint… Just days earlier he had broken Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s scoring record. He wasn’t in a city where they hated the Lakers, this was neutral for the most part. You had Eagles fans, Chiefs fans, NFL fans, and people from all over the country who had no allegiance to anything. This was a chance for America to endorse and pay homage to LeBron James. How in the world could you not look at that moment and want to reward the guy with glory and applause? There was a moment there. Haven't we seen sporting events where we’ve recognized other players from other leagues in big moments? YES. ‘Hey, Tiger Woods just won the Masters he's at the Knicks game!’… What does the crowd do?[Clapping] Instead, LeBron got the ‘Bronx Cheer.’ They booed LeBron James from the high heavens, and you know what it tells you? It tells you that America only recognizes one king and it's BURGER KING. That’s the only king, not ‘King James’. LeBron can forget if he thinks that being the leading scorer all time has somehow changed the way people view him, and somehow elevated him over Michael Jordan. I could not imagine Michael Jordan being booed under any circumstance in a massive crowd like that if he was coming off a crowning achievement. It tells you that LeBron is not the GOAT, not the greatest of all time, because they didn't even respect this. It didn't happen three months ago, it happened a few days earlier. How in the world could sports fans not think of that as a crowning moment or an accomplishment for LeBron James and applaud the guy? instead it was ‘BOOOOOOOOOO’… That's what they're doing to the so-called GOAT? The king of the NBA? And then LeBron had to fake like he was putting a crown on? REALLY?? In 2023 you're faking a crown on your head? Come on. Okay, ‘King James’, I get it, the Bible, King James version, right, I get that, but to act like you put a crown on and that you're the king? I think the fans spoke volumes.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Rob Parker explain why he thinks LeBron James being booed at Super Bowl 57 when he was shown on the scoreboard is further proof that he is NOT the ‘Greatest of All Time’, as Rob says Michael Jordan would never be booed by American sports fans in a non-rival city.

Check out the video above as Rob mocks ‘King James’ for acting like he was putting a crown on when stadium cameras panned to his suite.

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