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Rob Parker: 'Ludicrous' to Call LeBron 'GOAT' For Breaking Scoring Record

Chris Broussard: “Does this make LeBron the ‘GOAT’?

Rob Parker: “Absolutely not! NO WAY, NO HOW has anything changed. People are grasping for straws because they felt like ‘THIS IS IT! HE’S GOT THE MOST POINTS SO NOW HE’S BETTER THAN MICHAEL JORDAN!... Well, wait a minute, did I miss it when Kareem was the ‘GOAT’? Was Kareem ever the ‘GOAT??’ Was Karl Malone the GOAT or in the discussion?? I don’t remember mentioning Karl Malone’s name other than making some phony joke about a ‘mailman’ and the US Postal Service. I mean, c’mon, to honestly believe that and that is what separates you, and that’s what elevates you is ridiculous. That’s no disrespect to LeBron on what he’s accomplished, and being able to stay healthy for most of those 20 years, being an iron man, and being all that. And I’m not mad at him that it’s easier than ever to score now, and pile up the points, you know what I mean? It’s easier now so he could average 30. To say this elevated him over Michael Jordan is ludicrous to me. I just don’t see the logic behind it other than the fact that they have to keep figuring out something to how LeBron is going to ‘pass’ Jordan. He’s not going to get enough championships, they’ve convinced themselves of that. He can’t win ten scoring championships in a row. He can’t be Defensive Player of the Year, or [nine]-time 1st Team All-Defense, like all those ships have sailed, there’s nothing else. That’s why I get the LeBron people were grasping for straws after last night. How many Hall of Famers got shut down [of championships] during Jordan’s reign? Everybody ate during LeBron’s run. Even Dirk Nowitzki ate. He had a hoagie and fries! Steph Curry also has four championships this era, so LeBron hasn’t even separated himself from his peers. Jordan never had a LeBron ‘Dallas’ moment in the Finals, where LeBron had an ultimate meltdown. LeBron has had an unbelievable run of great teammates compared to Michael Jordan.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss LeBron James breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time NBA scoring record, as Rob scoffs as fans and pundits alike who are trying to officially anoint LeBron the ‘Greatest of All Time’ over Michael Jordan now that LBJ holds the record for most points.

Check out the segment above as Rob says it’s 'ludicrous' for LeBron Stans to make such declarations, saying the LeBron fanboys are simply ‘grasping at straws’ for an insurmountable argument they need to move the goal posts for.

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