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Doug Gottlieb Rips Kyrie Irving: 'He's Poison, He's a Team Killer'

Doug Gottlieb: “Kyrie Irving is poison to your culture. He just is, he's poison to your culture. It's not a buyer beware, if you don't know by now, you ain't changing that. Just take a look at the Celtics before, during, and since. Take a look at the Nets before. Even Cleveland after he left, people forget this, they didn't win a title after he left. 1. LeBron wanted him gone, that's why he asked to be traded from Cleveland, and 2. they still went to the NBA Finals without him. He's a marvelous talent, but it’s not even about the results, it's about you enjoy going to work. Kyrie's not fun. It's not because he's dumb, but he's one of those guys that's smart but thinks he knows everything. He's just obtuse to the reality of life. Congratulations to Joe Tsai who said ‘What do you want to do the most? Cool, I'm not sending you there.’ The Nets won’t win an NBA Championship with Spencer Dinwiddie, but you know what? They’ll enjoy going to work a whole hell of a lot more. Kyrie Irving is a coach killer, he is poison to your culture, and this is not me saying it, it's everybody in basketball. Dallas is doing what teams do out of desperation— ‘I gotta find a guy to put with Luka.’ The only way to put a guy with Luka is to trade for somebody who's unhappy elsewhere. The problem with trading for Kyrie is not this year, it's that reportedly in order to get him you gotta sign him to a four-year max contract guaranteed extension… No thanks, and oh yeah, I didn't mention the fact he's always hurt. Forget about all the other stuff, the best ability is availability and he's not available. Great player, there is going to be some spectacular moments, they’ll play in the playoffs, they’ll win more than people probably think, Jason Kidd is actually a really good coach and can be a really good mentor, but Jason Kidd is just a more experienced Steve Nash. All-time great point guard who was brought in because he could relate to Kyrie Irving, and how did that work out? It didn’t because Kyrie is poison to your culture. He tries to get whoever the first coach is fired, and then get his own guy in place, and that didn’t work in Brooklyn, that’s why he threw a fit, and that’s why he’s gone. Mark [Cuban], you can't fix everybody, and I think he thinks he can fix it with Kyrie, that he relate to Kyrie on a granular level that other people cannot, and I would say good luck, Mark, I think you're wasting your time.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Doug Gottlieb rip Kyrie Irving in the wake of Irving’s forceful removal from the Brooklyn Nets, as Gottlieb chides the disgraced Irving as ‘poison’, and a ‘team killer.’

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb praises the Nets for dumping Irving on a middling Mavericks team, and not giving in to Irving's demands of wanting to be reunited with LeBron James on the Lakers.

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