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Clay Travis Rips 'Limousine Liberal' Steph Curry's Low-Income Housing Beef

Clay Travis: “Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha live in a $30 million mansion in the most expensive community in the country in California. The Currys live in a town called Atherton, California. Atherton, California according to Facebook is the single most expensive community in the entire country. One acre of land in Atherton would cost $8 million and they have a $30 million mansion there. There now is a desire in the town of Atherton to up-zone a one-and-a-half-acre lot so there could be 16 three-story town homes. The town homes would be on the lot behind the Currys and the Currys are fighting against it. The goal of the three-story town homes is – and this is a major issue for those of you who live in California in high density communities, you know what I'm talking about – there's not enough housing and certainly not enough affordable housing in many of these California cities because they've limited how much housing can be built. They're trying to build housing so if you happen to be a school teacher, or a police officer, or a firefighter, or a postal service worker you could live near the community that you might work in. The Currys are fighting against that and they are saying they don't want low-income residents to live near them because their family will not be ‘safe’... Kind of a limousine liberal move for you to move. Can you imagine arguing that you can't live in close proximity to town homes because your kids won't be 'safe' while simultaneously claiming that you are a social justice warrior? Seems to be a great deal of hypocrisy there for Curry to be arguing that his family won't be safe if there are townhomes near them. Why? Are the people who live in townhomes dangerous? Are they too poor to come into proximity of your kids? This is an ugly and bad look, a hypocritical one to be certain for the Currys. You make $50 million a year, sell your house and move if you're that troubled by the idea that there might be – shudder – TOWNHOMES nearby! I just think this is amazing because there's so many people who consider themselves to be social justice warriors until there's any impact whatsoever of any smidge of equality or actual equity in their real neighborhood. ‘Not in my backyard!’, literally, can there not be townhomes according to Steph Curry. Why didn't you just buy the one-and-a -half-acre lot behind your property if you were that concerned about your family's safety? Why don't you just build your own fence? It's amazing how many people build fences and walls when there's actually danger afoot in their mind. How many of you live close to townhomes? How many of you with a straight face could argue that your family is not safe because your house is too close to townhomes in the wealthiest community in the entire nation? I just want all of you to think about what rank hypocrisy this is, and frankly, how common it is in the larger context as it pertains to so many left-wing social justice warriors. TOWNHOMES! OH MY GOODNESS! Steph Curry's not afraid of a super-rich person building a house on that lot, it's only if there are townhomes that his family will not be safe.”

Watch Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage call out the hypocrisy of ‘limousine liberal’ Steph Curry’s stark opposition to an affordable housing construction project that would take place in his swanky Atherton, California neighborhood.

Curry and his wife Ayesha wrote a letter to the Atherton town council voicing their displeasure of the proposed low-income housing plan, citing the ‘safety’ of their family as a concern.

Check out the video above as Clay mocks Steph and Ayesha as fake 'social justice warriors' who act like they support equity and equality, but at the time scoff at the idea of having to live near individuals in townhomes that would apparently present ‘safety’ concerns to their family.

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