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Colin Cowherd Says Saints Aren't a Fit For Derek Carr, But Here's Who Is

Colin Cowherd: “The Saints are first on the list for Derek Carr… I don’t think this is a fit for Carr for a lot of reasons… Number one— he’s a West Coast guy, New Orleans is a party, East Coast place, it doesn’t feel like the right fit. Michael Thomas is very talented but incredibly difficult. I’ve been told that by two people that work or have worked for the Saints. Not a bad guy, can be difficult, can be moody. They’re over the cap. I do think there is a match for him and I think it’s in-division, it’s Carolina. An offensive coach, an agreeable wide receiver, and an excellent defense— it would all work. I want an offensive coach. The final four coaches in the NFL Playoffs this year were offensive coaches. It’s not that you can’t win with a defensive coach, but it’s becoming very clear that defensive coaches in this league do not have the urgency. They don’t get the urgency to how the sport is changing. Belichick just throws a defensive coordinator in with Mac Jones in year 2— what are you doing?? I can look at Ron Rivera, Brandon Staley, I don’t feel like those teams have an offensive identity. Even Buffalo with Sean McDermott, just calling plays, what is the offensive identity? Dennis Allen bombed with the Raiders as a coach and is struggling with the Saints. Sean Payton loved the Saints but why did he leave? Because I think Sean knew there was trouble. They don’t have a quarterback and they don’t have any cap space. The New Orleans situation is not good for Derek Carr. Him and Frank Reich in Carolina, agreeable receivers, cap space, very good defense, that feels like they would win the division day one.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Derek Carr’s mysterious future for next season, as the longtime Raiders quarterback will most likely be on the move this offseason but doesn’t have a clear destination with the deep quarterback draft class paired with the probably availability of Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy Garoppolo.

Check out the segment above as Colin talks about rumors that the New Orleans Saints are positioning themselves as the frontrunners for Carr’s services, but points out that there is a much better option out there.

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