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Nick Wright Says the Chiefs Are Going to 'Kill' the Eagles in Super Bowl 57

Nick Wright: “The Chiefs are going to kill them. I’ll be lighting that Black & Mild mid-fourth quarter. Patrick Mahomes has done everything in his career except one thing— a start to finish great Super Bowl. Let’s check that off the list. Also, the Philadelphia Eagles – ‘OH MY GOD, THIS UNBELIEVABLE DEFENSE!' – Yeah, playing Davis Webb, Daniel Jones, and Andy Dalton. A slightly different person is coming to administer this test. I understand Nick Sirianni can mean mug for the camera, and can be ‘Philly till he dies!’, and all that stuff… Andy Reid— old, quiet, happy, lovable Uncle Andy Reid with two weeks to prepare, and the healthiest the Chiefs have been all year?? GIMME A BREAK! I gave my pick before the year, the Chiefs in a ‘rebuilding year’ win the Super Bowl. All we heard was ‘the Bills added Von Miller!’, ‘the Bengals have all these young players under contract, they can add people!’, ‘the Chargers added Khalil Mack and JC Jackson!’, ‘the Broncos added Russell Wilson!’, ‘the Raiders added Devante Adams!’… The Chiefs get rid of Tyreek Hill, started eight rookies, play rookies more snaps than any team besides the Bears and Texans, who are trying to lose games, and they show up in the Super Bowl, healthy as ever, with their legendary quarterback about to kick a** and take names. I CAN’T WAIT! LET’S GO, MAN!” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Nick Wright join The Herd with Colin Cowherd to drop his official pick for Super Bowl 57, as Wright didn’t hold back in with his prediction of the Chiefs ‘killing’ the Eagles this Sunday.

Check out the segment above as the boisterous Chiefs homer says he can’t wait for the Chiefs to get vengeance against an NFL media that passed Kansas City over last offseason when they lost Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins.

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