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Rob Parker Says the Raiders Will Deeply Regret Cutting Derek Carr

Rob Parker: “The Raiders had a miserable season and I'm not making any excuses for Derek Carr, but there were like four double-digit leads blown this year by the Raiders. If you win those four games, you could have turned the whole season around. Josh McDaniels had a terrible year and he is one of these coaches who are going to have you as a player conform to what HE DOES, not the other way around. Great coaches take a look at what they have and they say ‘I'm going to make a system or a situation that's going to be best for the player.’ I always bring up the Pat Riley thing. He had ‘Showtime’ in Los Angeles. Roll the balls out and let them go up and down the court. He went to New York as the Knicks coach, they didn't have any of those players, a Magic Johnson or a James Worthy, they had Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, and Anthony Mason. What did he do? He changed his coaching style, the Knicks became a rough and tumble type team and made you pay if you went in the paint. Guess what? Riley got them to the NBA Finals. It was his best coaching job. He didn't have the talent they had in LA. The Raiders and Josh McDaniels will regret cutting Derek Carr unless they have a rabbit in their hat. Unless they have some deal for Aaron Rodgers or somebody I don't know is falling off a spaceship into Las Vegas as their quarterback. It is so hard to get a Pro Bowl quarterback. Derek Carr was a Pro Bowl quarterback just two years ago. You know what else he is? A hell of a recruiter to get Davante Adams to come to this franchise that hasn't won a championship since the Louisiana Purchase. I can't blame this on Carr. Derek Carr has played for like nine gazillion coaches and offensive coordinators in his career, there's nothing steady about the Raiders, ZERO, except constantly losing. Josh McDaniels probably should have lost HIS job but they weren't going to do that because they're already paying like nine other coaches and they don't want to pay any more former coaches. There's no way that team should have not made the playoffs given that you added Davante Adams to it. The Raiders will regret this because I think Derek Carr still has good football left in him. They're going to have a hard time replacing him unless they know more than me, and if they do I'll be the first one to say ‘this makes sense.’ But it's a gamble if you don't have a quarterback, and now you're going to try to replace some Josh McDaniels reject. I'm out on this decision. They will rue the day that they let Derek Carr and his salary walk out the door in Las Vegas.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Rob Parker explain why he thinks the Las Vegas Raiders will regret releasing Derek Carr this week, as Parker says the Raiders essentially threw Carr under the bus for Josh McDaniels’ shortcomings as a coach.

Check out the segment above as Parker discusses his distaste for McDaniels, saying unless the Raiders have a blockbuster deal for a QB up their sleeve, they will ‘rue the day’ they dumped Carr.

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