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Jason Whitlock: Why I Will Never Pull For LeBron James

Jason Whitlock: “I argue that LeBron is the antithesis of Muhammad Ali, and I’ll walk you through all the things that just bother me about LeBron and the modern-day athlete. They pretend they're social justice warriors but they're really just useful idiots. This dude is really just Joe Biden, someone too stupid to realize he's being used.”

Steve Kim: “This is one of the issues that I think many people have with the NBA and the flagging interest— when your flagship player is so divisive from a cultural standpoint and political standpoint that's not good for the league. You're right, he's nothing like Muhammad Ali, no one is, it's almost unfair to compare the two. A lot of activism today is about hashtags, empty gestures, and wearing a t-shirt, and that's it. Look, he's done some things like ‘contributing’ to the school, he didn't build the school, he contributed financially, let's make that clear. But the fact that he doesn't even have enough guts to stand on his word— didn't last week at the beginning of Black History Month he put up something of Morgan Freeman, that famous clip where he said ‘Black History Month? Why are you reducing my history to a month?’ Then he took it down because he felt the heat. Right there, if you don't have enough guts to just leave that up there and say ‘look, this is what I think, I'm gonna stand by this’, then you're not an activist and you are not a leader. The problem that I have with LeBron is he plays to social media. He gauges the temperature when something happens. Let's say something related to law enforcement and the way they handle a certain situation, he will peek out under the window and say ‘okay, what's safe and what is popular to say?’ knowing it may not be factual, but it'll put that out there. There was that stabbing of that young girl two years ago, I believe, and a cop had to save someone's life from stabbing someone else. He basically outted this guy for doing his job. That situation along with others has really made him one of the most polarizing all-time great athletes.”

Whitlock: “My problem and complaint is that Muhammad Ali made real sacrifices for what he believed in. He didn't want to get drafted [in the military], cost him three years of his career. Back in that time there was a real price for him to pay commercially in terms of endorsements from being associated with the Nation of Islam. He actually hurt his pockets taking the stances that he took. I now believe we've seen Kyrie Irving do something similar. Not on the same level as Muhammad Ali but something very similar where he sacrificed something for what he believed in, and stood on principle. I would love for someone to show me what LeBron James has sacrificed based on the stances that he's taken. Every stance he's taken is pretty much popular, it’s right in line with social media, and it's right in line with corporate media wants you to do and wants you to stand for… They make commercials promoting the stances that LeBron James took. He's made no sacrifice and that's why I call him the antithesis of Muhammad Ali. Anybody that wants to pretend or act like they're the modern-day Muhammad Ali, just show me the receipts. Show me the sacrifices that they've made. LeBron has made none.” (Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he’s never been a supporter of LeBron James, as Whitlock calls LeBron the ‘antithesis’ of Muhammad Ali, and simply a woke ‘puppet’ who only stands for cookie cutter left-wing political views that trend on Twitter.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock and co-host Steve Kim call out LeBron for being a bogus ‘activist’, and wonder what exactly he’s sacrificed to be considered a ‘modern-day Muhammad Ali.’ (FULL Rant Below)

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