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Colin Cowherd Doubts Eagles: 'They Hit the Powerball With Their Schedule'

Colin Cowherd: “In college football the margins are much wider. Everybody knows who you play matters. When a Cincinnati gets into the playoff, a TCU gets into the playoff, everybody's like ‘who'd they play??’ We don't think that matters in the NFL, right? Like these are pros. Okay, let's think about that for a second… The NFC, nobody would dispute this, is significantly weaker right now than the AFC. Philadelphia's path to the Super Bowl was Daniel Jones for a third time, and at the end of the Niner game they were snapping the ball to a running back. We know Mahomes had to go up against Burrow, we know the AFC is better, and we know Philadelphia got a little bit of an easy route. But do you realize this year how much of Philadelphia's credibility has been built up by a Big 12 schedule? They hit the Powerball on the schedule. They got to face the AFC South, a weird, wonky, weak division. Not only did they face the AFC South, they got the Jags early. Jags were hot late, they were a mess early rebuilding post-Urban Meyer. And they got the Titans late, who fell apart. So they got a bad division, the two best teams, but the Jags at their weakest, and the Titans depleted. Who else did they play? The NFC North— Green Bay down year, Chicago is Chicago, Detroit is Detroit, what about Minnesota? Where and when are the Vikings the very weakest? Primetime, that's when they played them. Kirk Cousins shrunk. The rebuilding Jags early, the depleted Titans late, Packers down, Bears and Lions [scoffs], Kirk in primetime, and they steamrolled them. They faced Dallas without Dak, they faced the Niners on a fourth string quarterback, and three of Jalen Hurts’ last five wins were against the Giants. Let me give you a rundown of the quarterbacks they faced this year: Brock Purdy, Josh Johnson, Davis Webb, Andy Dalton, Justin Fields, Daniel Jones, Daniel Jones, Tannehill, Matt Ryan, Taylor Heinicke, Kenny Pickett, Davis Mills, Cooper Rush, and Kyler Murray who went into the tank. I don't know if you've heard, Patrick Mahomes is better than all of them. None of them made a Pro Bowl. A lot of those sacks won't be available Sunday.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss his concern for the Philadelphia Eagles going into Super Bowl 57, as Colin says the Eagles ‘hit the Powerball’ when it came to their soft schedule this season, and doesn’t see the Eagles defense teeing off on a quarterback not named Daniel Jones or Josh Johnson.

Check out the video above as Colin compares the Eagles to a ‘TCU’ or ‘Cincinnati’ in college football, where they roll into the playoffs untested against formidable powers.

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