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'The WNBA Sucks': Clay Travis Defends His Viral Tweet

CIay Travis: “I've said this for a long time, it is 100% true, a good state championship caliber high school boys team would smoke the best team in the WNBA. Let me repeat that because it's true and it's important. A good state championship level boys high school team would absolutely smoke the WNBA champions. Give me a team from California, New York, Texas, or Florida, and I would bet my entire savings in the bank that the boys high school team would beat the WNBA team. For the 25 largest states in America every single one of those states has a state champion boys basketball team that would obliterate the WNBA champion in a game. Look, some people like middle school low-level high school basketball. Most of those people we call ‘parents’, but if you love the WNBA you can go buy your WNBA ticket and you can go sit courtside. For most of us, we would rather have five dollars in cash than the WNBA team in our city win a championship. That's because the WNBA doesn't have fans. And it's not because the media won't cover the WNBA, ESPN shoves the WNBA down our throats even though nobody cares, because they have to do it as part of their partnership with the NBA. The WNBA has never made any money because people don't care. Because women don't care. You know who actually goes to watch the WNBA? Men. Men are WNBA fans. There aren't very many of them but that's who actually goes and watches. What's interesting about this is – when I say all of this, which are irrefutably true, and when I point out that the WNBA has existed basically for 25 years now, a quarter of a century, that it still has no fans, that people still don't care at all about the WNBA, people are like ‘OH MY GOODNESS! HOW DARE YOU! THAT’S SO SEXIST OF YOU! IT’S SUCH A MISOGNISTIC THING TO SAY!'... No, just means the sport sucks and most sports fans don't care about it at all. And of course, at ESPN they've got a white knight for the WNBA. This all started because they said ‘New York City has a new big three!’ and then they shared a picture of three people that nobody knew. That is artificial engineering. If you tell me something that is not true — everybody knew the original ‘big three’, everybody knows Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant. You might not love the NBA but you would recognize if you are a sports fan, all three of those people. Most of you can't even name three WNBA franchises. I don't even know how many there are. Most of you can't name five total WNBA players. Even if you're a die-hard basketball fan you can't do that. That's because the product sucks and in a capitalistic marketplace if your product sucks you lose. Our product doesn't suck. It sometimes astounds me that we are able to dominate at Outkick and keep setting records for our audience and I don't even have to say anything controversial to get labeled 'controversial.' saying the ‘WNBA sucks as a product’ is considered ‘controversial’, that's where we are. I was trending yesterday and I'm like ‘are you kidding me?’, this is the best possible advertisement for Outkick imaginable because I'm the only person who's brave enough to say what almost every sports fan agrees with, which is the WNBA sucks and we don't care about it. Then some guy at ESPN hops into the comments, one of their social media top employees, directors, and says that I’m ‘stupid’ and that I ‘must have had a lobotomy.’ Look, I don't care, you can say whatever you want about me but don't try to apologize afterwards, because when you apologize afterwards for something that you actually mean all you're doing is further providing evidence of how much BS everything that ESPN does really is. When you're an ESPN employee and you say I'm ‘stupid’ and you say that I ‘must have had a lobotomy’ for saying the WNBA sucks and that it's being shoved down our throats for 25 years by ESPN because they have to do that as part of their partnership with the NBA, all of which is true, don't come back and then say ‘oh I'm sorry, I was just disappointed, it was late at night, I didn't mean to like tweets that were saying you're stupid and have had a lobotomy'.. Just own it, you believe that because you are part and parcel of the woke infrastructure at ESPN that has destroyed that company. ESPN has been taken over by a woke universe that is destroying the brand of that company. All you gotta do is say the ‘WNBA sucks’ and that's not permissible. It's also a function of how rigged Twitter is that I can trend by saying something that almost every sports fan in America agrees with. So, thank you, I can’t believe I can win for simply saying things that overwhelming percentages of the American people agree with.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage respond to the backlash of a viral tweet he made calling out the official ‘Sportscenter’ Twitter account for posting a graphic detailing New York’s new ‘Big Three’ with a picture of New York Liberty players Sabrina Ionescu, Jonquel Jones, and Breanna Stewart.

In the tweet, Travis wrote: ‘Just stop. The vast majority of sports fans can’t name any of these people. @espn’s descent into woke sports engineering continues.’ The graphic was playing off the ‘Big Three’ moniker formerly touted in Brooklyn with Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving, who have all moved on from the Nets in short order.

Check out the segment above as Clay calls out ESPN for trying to shove a beleaguered sports league down uninterested fans throats, saying he shouldn’t be making news on Twitter for simply stating the obvious.

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