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Clay Travis on Brandon Miller: ‘Anyone Defending Him is a Disgrace’

Clay Travis: “If Brandon Miller simply had not responded to that text, the mom of that 5-year-old would still be alive. If Brandon Miller had simply responded to his teammate’s text from 1:38 in the morning by saying ‘get out of there, you don’t need a gun, you don’t need to have any sort of confrontation, we’re in the middle of the season, make a smart decision’… If Brandon Miller had left the gun in his apartment, driven there, picked up his teammate, and brought him back home, that woman would still be alive. Brandon Miller made a decision to bring a loaded handgun to his teammate when he knew the teammate was both drunk and feeling threatened, meaning he was bringing a weapon late at night after everybody had been drinking to a corner of a downtown street. That was negligent behavior and that was behavior that was reckless. In my opinion, that was by Brandon Miller, in conjunction with leaving his car blocking the exit according to reports of that street, that was criminal behavior. I don't know why he didn't get charged. I suspect it's because he's a star basketball player and he was being protected as a result of that. That's my theory, that's my surmise. Most people I think would be charged with an accessory to a crime at minimum for that behavior because of the reckless and negligent behavior in bringing a loaded handgun to a teammate at 2 A.M. in the morning when that teammate has said he needed his gun because he felt threatened. At a minimum, I am stunned beyond belief that having seen these facts in the light of day as occurred yesterday, that Nate Oats, the head coach of Alabama, that Greg Byrne, the Athletic Director of Alabama, that the university President of Alabama would allow Brandon Miller to still be a scholarship representative of the Alabama men's basketball team. That is a failure on all fronts by the University of Alabama. If you engage in violent behavior, or you aid and abed violent behavior that leads to a death in a murder of an innocent mother, you should not be a representative of any athletic program in the country, period. This is an easy call, and if Nate Oats, or Greg Byrne, or the University of Alabama President knew about all these details beforehand and still allowed Brandon Miller to play I think they should all be fired because their judgment is not strong enough to allow them to be the leader of men. If you are defending Brandon Miller over this you're an embarrassment, and you are an embarrassment to college fans everywhere because what you are trying to say is you care more about your team than you do the life of an innocent woman that one of your star players helped to take. Imagine what your response would be if this happened at Auburn? Every Alabama fan on the planet wanted Cam Newton to not be able to play for the Auburn football team because he allegedly took $180,000 in payment to go to Auburn the year that they won the National Championship. How can you be convinced that Cam Newton shouldn't play because he might have gotten improper benefits, while simultaneously defending one of your players who aided and abetted in the murder of an innocent mom? That my friends, is indefensible. Frankly, I find it shameful of the University of Alabama, the way they've behaved here and the fact that they keep having to put out new statements claiming they didn't know about these facts. Well, NOW you do, the facts are out there. Alabama fans, you guys are not only embarrassing yourselves, you're embarrassing your state, you are embarrassing your region, and you are embarrassing your conference. What Brandon Miller did is indefensible, and the fact that he is still on scholarship, and still frankly even able to enroll at the University of Alabama is a disgrace, and anyone defending him is a disgrace too.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Clay Travis of ‘Outkick the Coverage’ blast the University of Alabama and their fan base for continuing to support superstar basketball player Brandon Miller despite Miller possibly being an accessory to a recent murder a fellow Alabama basketball player allegedly committed last month.

Check out the segment above as Travis, a former lawyer, lays out the facts of the case thus far, and points out why it’s an ‘embarrassment’ that Miller is still affiliated with the team and the University, as Miller had a big night in a Crimson Tide win on Wednesday night over SEC rival South Carolina in the face of ‘LOCK HIM UP' chants from the Gamecocks student section.

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