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Jason Whitlock Says Eric Bieniemy's Career is Riding Andy Reid's Coattails

Jason Whitlock: “It makes no sense [Stephen A. Smith’s rant criticizing Andy Reid for ‘restricting’ Eric Bieniemy’s role in the Chiefs offense]. Black men aren't responsible for anything. Anything bad that happens to them is someone else's fault. Anything good that happens to them, it's all their responsibility. Andy Reid had in Kansas City I think three offensive coordinators, so his calling plays and running his offense didn't stop the other two from getting jobs. You could say ‘Well, the other two were White and they're not dealing with all that racism!’… Half the NFL has virtually interviewed Eric Bieniemy for their head coaching job. You're not going to convince me that 13-14 NFL owners, many of them with a previous history of hiring Black coaches, were just like ‘Well, Eric Bieniemy is Black, we just don't want to touch him!’… There's something going on with Eric Bieniemy in these interviews, and to sit here and to try to blame it on Andy Reid, and to sit here and try to pretend like Eric Bieniemy is calling most of the plays, and is responsible for that offense, and Andy Reid is taking the credit, it's just a joke man, it's embarrassing. Stephen A. Smith is being dishonest here, but if I were gonna blame something, no team wants to give a team that's been to three of the last four Super Bowls— no team wants to give them extra draft picks for picking up their offensive coordinator. Whoever signed Matt Nagy, the Chiefs didn't get extra draft picks when Matt Nagy got signed because he's a White guy… But if a Black guy goes from offensive coordinator to head coach… the 49ers from DeMeco Ryans, they're getting two third-round draft picks because DeMeco Ryans got promoted to head coach in Houston. That's ridiculous, you're rewarding the team that's already having success. So here's a team that's won two of the last four Super Bowls, has the best quarterback in football, and Stephen A. Smith can't piece together like, ‘I wouldn't want to be the team that handed the Chiefs and Andy Reid more draft picks, they're already beating our brains in, and they’re already winning Super Bowls.’ That's more responsible for Eric Bieniemy not getting the head coaching job than Andy Reid calling plays. Do we think these excuses, and I think they will, are going to follow Eric Bieniemy to Washington? If the Washington Commanders don't have offensive success, trust me, Stephen A., and all the social media people are going to blame Ron Rivera, they're going to blame whoever the general manager is, they're going to blame whoever the team president is, Eric Bieniemy is bulletproof. If they have the 32nd ranked offense in Washington it won't be Eric Bieniemy’s fault. Jalen Hurts was a second-round pick and he just played in the Super Bowl and played really well in the Super Bowl, I'm not going to deal with some excuse like ‘oh, there were no all-time great quarterbacks in this draft!' With these very simplistic college-style offenses that are being run in the NFL, I don't care who they draft in the first or second-round. Lamar Jackson was drafted at the bottom of the first-round. You can find, and you can build an offense that works in the NFL, I don't want to hear a bunch of excuses about why the Redskins offense isn’t lighting the world on fire. We've been told by Stephen A. Smith and everybody else that Eric Bieniemy is one of the greatest assistant coaches in the history of the NFL. Trust me, if there was some White coach headed to Washington no one would be sitting around with lowered expectations for him. ‘Make Taylor Heinicke work, find me a rookie that will work, develop some wide receiver’… but we're going to get a litany of excuses if it doesn't go well for Eric Bieniemy in Washington. Vic Fangio is getting paid $4.5 million a year to be the defensive coordinator in Miami, that’s the other reason we gotta cut out this pity party for Bieniemy that he’s ‘just an offensive coordinator.’ They’re paying these coordinators now, it’s REAL money. I guarantee you Bieniemy is getting around $3-$4 million from the Commanders, and we’re going to throw a pity party for him? You want to know why Brian Flores was comfortable taking the defensive coordinator's job? It’s because the pay has skyrocketed for a defensive coordinator. It's a lower stress job that pays you like you're the head coach now. I'm not going to be interested in a bunch of excuses and a pity party for Eric Bieniemy. He’s gotten to ride Andy Reid's coattails and now he's got his own offense to run, and we will find out. Honestly, for Eric Bieniemy’s sake I hope he's as good as everyone says he is, or he develops into that. I hope he has a lot of success, and I mean that sincerely because a lot of this is outside of his control. The media that has made him into this guy solely based on his skin color. Some White coach that was sitting there riding Andy Reid’s coattails, and couldn't perform well in interviews, and didn't get a job-- nobody would be crying about it. They'd say ‘Well, he's getting paid $1.5-$2 million for carrying Andy Reid’s clipboard!’ It's like being a backup quarterback, it's one of the greatest jobs in sports, miss me with the BS.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ call out ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith after an Eric Bieniemy segment Smith did that somehow implicated Andy Reid in Bieniemy’s supposed plight as a landlocked offensive coordinator in Kansas City.

Smith said Reid hurt Bieniemy's chances at becoming an NFL head coach because of Reid’s reluctance to let Bieniemy exclusively call the offense, and then in-turn, receiving all the glory from Kansas City's three Super Bowl appearances in the last four seasons.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock called Smith’s take ‘BS’, and says we shouldn’t feel sorry for a candidate in Bieniemy who is only being coddled by the media because he’s a Black guy who had rode Reid’s coattails for years.

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