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Doug Gottlieb Says Adam Silver Deserves Blame For Ja Morant Fallout

Doug Gottlieb: “It’s very easy for me to be critical of Ja Morant’s dad… We can point to the Memphis Grizzlies who don’t have an eye on their best player… But a lot of this blame needs to go on Adam Silver and Ja Morant himself. Adam Silver because there is a reason why discipline policies are needed in all sports leagues. If you pay too much attention to all of these idiots who work in my business who act like players are somehow treated poorly when they’re held in check for their misbehaviors or the people they surround themselves with, you’re forgetting the history of the league. If you think Ja Morant is a clown and a fool because he has likened himself to being a gangster when he could be worth a billion dollars by the end of this whole thing you’ll also remember the post-Jordan NBA when it was the same thing. Kobe didn’t post a video of himself with a gun, but he tried to be ‘hood.’ Allen Iverson did as well. What the embarrassing part is most of the guys in the league are professionals, they’re grownups, they’re businessmen, and they’re thoughtful, and this reflects poorly to where because Ja is a young and up-and-coming star, you’re like ‘well, that’s how most of those guys really are.' No, it’s not. Go to the young stars in the league, it’s NOT how they’re wired. But if you don’t like the NBA it’s only fuel to the fire. This is on Adam Silver. You want to change the name ‘owners’ to ‘governors’ because somebody’s feelings are hurt? Because you’re like ‘well, there’s a likening to slaves’… No, there’s not. You own a business, and you own the rights to people who work for you… That’s it, it’s not slave labor and they’re being handsomely compensated. The lack of willingness to say ‘this is not the way it goes’. Even when it came down from the NBA there wasn’t a ‘we’re suspending him because he’s acting like a clown’, it was ‘he’s stepping away.’ Like what? No, you’re SUSPENDING him. This is what happens when you allow things to fester. This is the same commissioner who said guys missing games wasn’t that big a thing… You don’t think it’s a problem?? It’s a joke, it’s a farce. Ticket prices are higher than ever, the games are free on TV, and yet we don’t even know who is going to play in those games?” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Doug Gottlieb discuss the Ja Morant fallout and explains why he thinks Adam Silver deserves blame for enabling this type of behavior from his aloof demeanor as NBA Commissioner when it comes to exercising authority.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details why Morant’s dust-up with elicit extra-curriculars is making Silver’s leadership look weak.

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