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Jason Whitlock: Ja Morant Might Ruin His Career Trying to Be Tupac Shakur

Jason Whitlock: “Ja Morant is coming across like a real idiot. He wants to be the Tupac Shakur of the NBA. The future of the league is allegedly in his hands but from all reports this guy wants to be Tupac Shakur and is going to throw everything away to be an idiot. Part of me thinks playing in Memphis has influenced Ja’s behavior. Memphis is one of these cities that loves to brag about it being the ‘Murder Capital’, it’s rough and tough, and ‘Young Dolph’ got killed here, blah, blah, blah… NBA and NFL players all wanted to go the Colin Kaepernick, social justice warrior route, but in reality, what they do is be a rapper. They don’t want to be social justice warriors, they want to be rappers and they want that same image, and that’s what seems to be what corporate America is rewarding. All these leagues have embraced hip-hop and gangster rap. I was watching a Lakers game and during a timeout the gangster rap music was playing. When I look at NBA and NFL players, from all the tats, to the cornrows, and everything they do with their hair— everything is about posturing, about being a tough guy, and Ja Morant is caught up in that. No one seems to be pointing to the fact that this is a crisis or a problem, and it’s all just a runoff that let’s ignore The real story is whenever someone is killed in some far away city that’s what we want to ask NBA players and NFL players about. We don’t want to ask them about their own personal conduct and how much of it looks crazy and gangster… I’m looking at Ja Morant and the problems he’s having in Memphis and just the problems he’s having in life where he wants to be a rapper it seems more than a great NBA player. He wants to be the persona of a rapper. He’s had a problem at a mall threatening somebody, he’s beaten up a kid at a pickup basketball game at his house, the kid was saying he was flashing a gun, he and his little posse maybe shining a red light at some Pacers officials after a game and threatening them with a gun… It’s sad to see someone who could have the world by its tail by just sticking to basketball and being a great kid, and having companies want to have him endorse their products, but this guy wants to be Tupac Shaker it feels like and may end up screwing up his NBA career.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ discuss the troubling recent reports regarding Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant allegedly beating up a 17-year-old and flashing a gun at him after a pickup basketball altercation at Morant’s house last summer.

The teenager alleges that Morant punched him in the head ’12-13 times’ and then went inside only to re-emerge moments later with a gun visible in his waistband. According to police reports, Morant was also accused of threatening a mall security guard in Memphis days before the incident with the teenager.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why it appears as if Morant would rather be ‘Tupac Shaker than Michael Jordan’, and that Morant is potentially going to torpedo his career trying to posture his personal brand like that of a gangster rapper.

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