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Draymond Green Calls Dillon Brooks a 'Dumba**' and 'Clown' as Feud Heats Up

Draymond: “He [Dillon Brooks] said ‘I don’t like Draymond at all.’— You don’t know me. ‘I just don’t like Golden State.’— I, quite frankly, wouldn’t like a team who beats me all the time either. ‘I don’t like anything to do with them.'— Quite frankly, you were a little kid in high school watching us win championships, you should be happy that you even witnessed that. You’re a fan. ‘Draymond talks a lot.’ – You talk a lot now, so if you have four rings? Sure, you talk a lot more. Four All-Stars? You probably talk a bit more. Defensive Player of the Year? You damn sure would talk more. Two Olympic gold medals? You definitely would be talking because that meant you beat Team USA, and we all know how that goes. ‘Gets away with a lot too.’— what exactly do I get away with? I have 15 techs, one less than your dumba**. ‘His game is cool.’— if you ever wondered why the Memphis Grizzlies is not ready to compete for a championship look no further than this idiot right here. They’re actually depending on this guy to win a championship. That shows how little you know about basketball. ‘He plays with heart, plays hard, knows the ins and outs of their defense.’— Well, to be quite frank, I made the ins and outs of our defense. ‘I guess that’s why they like him over there.’— I’m trying to figure out why they like you in Memphis. Or DO they like you in Memphis? I’m not sure your teammates like you, but I can tell you why they like me over there. When you contribute in the way I have contributed to four championships they tend to like you. Next time you speak up on me, you should do some fact-checking. Next some you speak up on me you should do some soul-searching. Next time you speak up on me I hope you’re in a better situation than you in now where the guys you play with actually enjoy playing with you because they ACTUALLY think you’re contributing to winning... Because it ain’t happening right now, champ. Ahh, you not a champ, you a clown. It ain't happening for you.”

Watch Draymond Green fire back at Memphis Grizzlies forward Dillon Brooks after ESPN published an interview with Brooks where the outspoken intimidator said he doesn’t like Draymond, and questioned Green’s value if he hadn't alongside future Hall of Famers the likes of Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

Check out the segment above as Green goes full scorched earth on Brooks, breaking down Brooks’ comments line by line, and punching back at the ‘dumba**’ and ‘clown’ Brooks.

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