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Jason Whitlock Rips Media 'Idiots' Alleging Collusion Against Lamar Jackson

Jason Whitlock: “Pro Football Talk put out a tweet: ‘It’s virtually impossible to prove collusion but we know it when we see it. And we’re already seeing it with Lamar Jackson, now that he’ll be available to talk to other teams but three have quickly made it known they’re not interested in talking to him.’ OH MY GOD, THE HORROR! TEAMS DON’T WANT TO TALK TO LAMAR JACKSON! Three or four teams leaked to reporters ‘nah, we’re good, we don’t want to deal with Lamar Jackson.’ ‘OHHHH IT’S COLLUSION! IT’S RACISM! IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD! TEAMS DON’T WANT TO TALK TO LAMAR JACKSON!’… And I’m like, when is it ever going to end? How many Black quarterbacks have to be the richest guys in all of professional sports or the NFL before we stop with this silliness and madness? DESHAUN WATSON GOT $230 MILLION GUARANTEED WITH 20+ COURT CASES OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT AGAINST HIM. HE’S BLACK, HE’S GOT ALL THESE CHARGES UP AGAINST HIM AND THE CLEVELAND BROWNS GAVE HIM $230 MILLION GUARANTEED. But, ‘no…no… what Lamar Jackson is facing is racism! This is what every Black quarterback faces!’ Joe Mixon is on tape knocking out a woman at 19 years old on tape. Sucker punching her and knocking her out ON TAPE. He’s in the NFL, had a good NFL career, and now there are some allegations Joe Mixon shot at some teenage kids in his neighborhood. But ‘OHHH, NO! THE NFL IS SO RACIST! THESE NFL OWNERS GAVE PATRICK MAHOMES A HALF-BILLION DOLLARS BUT THEY’RE RACIST! THEY GAVE DESHUAN WATSON $230 MILLION FOR FIVE YEARS, HE HADN’T PLAYED IN A YEAR AND A HALF BUT THEY’RE RACIST!’ Just cut it out. I know everyone is going to say ‘we’re not charging racism, we’re just charging collusion here!’ And it’s code word for ‘Lamar is being mistreated because he’s Black.’ Everybody knows what you’re doing. Ryan Clark is basically the Kendrick Perkins of the NFL. The only thing provocative that he can think to say is ‘OH THEY’RE RACIST! THEY’RE RACIST! IT’S UNFAIR WHAT’S HAPPENING TO LAMAR!’ [Plays ESPN segment from NFL Live with Clark claiming collusion against Lamar Jackson] … Lamar Jackson is not a victim here. Lamar Jackson has played the financial game in the NFL up until right now the wrong way and he’s going to pay a cost for that, but this is the road that he chose. He may have to sit out part of this season because he didn’t get an agent. He and his momma wanted to do his deal themselves. Well, these are the consequences of that decision. It’s a personal thing for Lamar and at his age he can’t handle it, I’m just sorry, he can’t. It’s too personal for him and his ego is caught up in it. With an agent you’re more detached, and an agent is coming in your ear telling you ‘based off the contract Deshaun got and based off how horrible he was this season, and based on the deal Russell Wilson got and how horrible he was this season, no one is going to get that Deshaun Watson contract again. The Browns screwed up and gave an idiot $230 million guaranteed, and no other owner wants to make that mistake.’ That’s just business, it’s not racism, it’s not collusion, it’s just business. I listen to these guys on ESPN and these former players and they just sound like idiots who don’t understand common business practices.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ call out members of the mainstream sports media who are claiming that NFL owners are ‘colluding’ against Lamar Jackson in a desperate attempt to deny him from getting the same fully guaranteed $230 million contract Deshaun Watson got.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why ‘idiots’ in the media need to stop peddling this unfounded collusion narrative that is simply another nonsensical dog whistle for ‘racism’ against Black quarterbacks.

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