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Jason Whitlock Calls Mina Kimes a 'Professional Victim' After Twitter Spat

Jason Whitlock: “Mina Kimes wants everyone to know she’s a ‘victim’, that’s her job. Her value to ESPN is directly tied to her willingness to play victim. Does anyone ever react to her opinions about sports? Does anyone care what she says about sports? Her relevance and value stems from her ethnicity, her gender, and her good looks… Kimes and [Sarah] Spain are acting like the Boston radio host called Kimes a ‘wet back’, or the n-word… he didn’t, he called her Japanese. What he did was the equivalent of calling a Texan ‘Tex.’ At worst, it’s the equivalent of George Jefferson tossing around the word ‘honky’ on his TV show from the 70s and 80s. How is Kimes harmed? Mina Kimes doesn’t even know who this dude is, I don’t even know his name and I’ve read it a dozen times on Twitter in the past 24 hours. How was she harmed from this dude saying something stupid on a radio show? The next time a Black ex-con beats up an Asian shopkeeper in Los Angeles or New York will Kimes claim that a White host in Boston created the culture of Asian hate? Were Kimes’ feelings legitimately hurt? Is she less employable today than yesterday? Is the sports world rigged to discriminate against Asian journalists? I’d argue it’s just the opposite. Mina Kimes has a high-profile TV job because she’s Asian and female. She’s no expert on the NFL. She’s a decent sportswriter, but ESPN has more than two dozen sportswriters far more accomplished, skilled, and informed than Mina Kimes, and some of them are women. But they’re not Asian, and they’re not as attractive as Kimes. And they might not be as comfortable playing the victim as Kimes. It’s all she’s got. Kimes and Spain love reveling in mean tweets and emails. They make news every time they pretend they’re the only sportswriters getting criticized. Why don’t you read MY mentions? Criticism goes along with the job. Everybody deals with it, men and women, and if she can’t take it she ain’t built for this… Of course, ESPN put out a statement defending their Asian Instagram model. ‘There is no place for these type of hateful comments…’ ’Hateful’? Did ESPN watch the same video clip as we played here? The dude thought he was being funny, he wasn’t being ‘hateful’ and he wasn’t trying to offend. He made a stupid joke, no harm no foul. ‘Hateful’? This is what we’ve reduced ‘hate’ to? ‘Name your top five favorite nips’ – Mina Kimes is nowhere in the room, she’s not listening in Boston, it has no impact on her, but this is ‘hateful’? Do these guys know what ‘hate’ is?... What Kimes and Spain are doing is cosplay. They justify their employment by playing victim every six months or so. They are not against racial slurs. The n-word is the most common ethnic slur in America. It’s used constantly in a hateful and offensive way in rap music. I would love to see Sarah Spain and Mina Kimes question ESPN for aligning itself and the sports world with every rap song and every rapper who uses the n-word in a hateful and offensive way. They use the n-word in a hateful and offensive derogatory way every time and they’re all heroes and celebrated. ESPN and the entire sports world revels in the derogatory and hateful lyrics popularized in rap music. They’ve normalized it and it does do actual harm. It has painted Black people, men and women, as America’s clowns and degenerates, and criminals, and drug users, and hedonistic, and no sexual discipline. Mina Kimes and Sarah Spain don’t care about racial slurs, and they are not social justice warriors. They’re doing what serves them. They’re using racial ‘victimhood’ to advance their careers. I’m the 'bad guy', but these clowns are using race to protect themselves and advance their careers and don’t give a damn about YOU, and love that fact that you love to denigrate yourself, and love to celebrate people who denigrate US. Ya’ll caping up for Mina Kimes like she’s ya’ll’s big momma. Picking on a no-name Boston radio host is light work for light weights, and Mina Kimes and Sarah Spain are lightweights… You’re crying because some dude in Boston compared Mina Kimes with some sort of miniature bottle of liquor with some kind of Japanese connotation that had zero impact on Mina Kimes’ feelings, career, nothing. ‘OH, IT CREATES ASIAN HATE!' Well, who is doing the Asian hate? Is it little White dudes like whatever this clown’s name is in Boston? Is he the one out there beating up Asian shopkeepers? Are they listening to his show on WEEI? Little Black gangbangers beating up Asian shopkeepers, are they listening to WEEI? None of this is real. The only thing real about this is Mina Kimes and her agent are sitting around counting the money she is going to make for playing the role of victim while pretending to talk about the NFL on EPSN.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ call out ESPN personality Mina Kimes for being a ‘professional victim’ after she became intertwined in a controversy started by a Boston radio host flippantly using her name in a pejorative way.

The WEEI radio program was coming up with a list of their favorite ‘nips’, a name for miniature bottles of alcohol commonly given out on airplanes, however the host jokingly included Kimes’ name on his list, clearly referring to the Asian slur ‘Nip’, short for Nipponese, who are Japanese people.

Kimes’ ESPN co-worker Sarah Spain quickly came to Kimes’ defense on Twitter, making the clip on WEEI go viral, and leading to a suspension of the Boston radio host.

Watch the segment above as Whitlock mocks Kimes and Spain for always injecting themselves in viral incidents like the one that occurred on Thursday, saying they’ve made their careers playing the role of victims, and that the Boston radio host’s words were not even derogatory.

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