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Jason Whitlock on Cam Newton Comeback Video: 'Cam Has Learned Nothing'

Jason Whitlock: “I’m not sure about the way he is going about this… I can just imagine Cam at Pro Day throwing against air, getting in somebody’s cell phone camera yelling ‘I’M BAACCCCCK.’ Cam has learned nothing, he still thinks it’s 2010 all over again… I don’t think over the last two or three years that Cam was one of the 32 best quarterbacks. Warren Sharp did a breakdown of him over Twitter. Warren Sharp is one of the smartest guys covering the NFL and doing statistical breakdowns, and he really, really trashed Cam Newton. [Reading Warren Sharp’s tweet] ‘Cam Newton ranks out of 46 QBs since 2019: #46 in TD per INT, #46 in TD per att, #45 in completion % over expectation, #43 in EPA/att, #41 in target depth, #40 in accuracy, #38 in completion %, #34 in success rate, #33 in YPA— all QBs with 500+ pass attempts since 2019.’ Since 2019, he’s not one of the 32 best quarterbacks, and the thing that is going to stop teams from offering him a deal is— his mentality. It should just be ‘I want to get back into the NFL’ and let the chips fall where they may, not ‘HOW THESE RANDOS GETTING JOBS, I’M ONE OF THE BEST 32 QUARTERBACKS IN THE LEAGUE’, and beating his fists saying someone sign me to be a starter. Are teams going to deal with Cam’s delusion? His personality is so big, he’s made so much money in the NFL that when you put him in that locker room there may be guys that are like ‘this guy looks like Tarzan and used to be the MVP’, and it will fool you into believing Cam should be the starter. Teams don’t want that type of distraction, they don’t want the backup quarterback to be a distraction. Cam with his approach is keeping teams away from signing him as a potential backup in this league… You have to humble yourself and perhaps take a role that doesn’t suit your talent, and then sneak up on people. Cam, physically can still play in the league, but the other thing working against Cam is— his age. He has to be a pocket passer and that’s never been his strong suit. He never mastered all the things in the pocket: footwork, discipline with his arm, getting the ball out on time, those were never his strengths. Instead of being this loud and flamboyant— ‘THESE RANDOS…’, he needs to be showing a side of himself like, ‘man, I’m a student of the game, I’ve been watching tape, I’m going to cut my hair, and show these guys that I’m a buttoned up backup quarterback. Until someone gets hurt and they put me back out on that field, THEN I’m going to try to tap into the greatness of Cam Newton.’ The one team that I think would make sense for Cam as a backup would be Baltimore if they had Lamar Jackson signed. I wouldn’t put Cam anywhere near Anthony Richardson because Cam would be like ‘I’m better than Anthony.’ He wouldn’t be saying he’s better than Lamar Jackson, and he could perhaps, if Lamar got hurt, get Baltimore through a few games. He could be an asset but he’s just not in the right mentality.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless discuss the ‘delusion’ behind Cam Newton’s most recent attempt at an NFL comeback, as Cam posted a brash video on his Twitter this week that demanded to ask ‘HOW THESE RANDOMS KEEP GETTING JOBS?’ while throwing at Auburn football's Pro Day.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock says Newton’s unadulterated approach to keep his name relevant in NFL circles is not going to make organizations believe he will make their football team better.

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