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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Ja Morant's Career Has Gone Off the Rails

Jason Whitlock: “ESPN has reported that there is ‘no timetable’ for Ja Morant’s return. He’s seeking ‘counseling’ down in Florida. ‘Counseling’, I find that very interesting for the issues Ja Morant has. I’m not sure counseling is going to fix it. I think Ja Morant has an identity issue that many young athletes have, and many young people have now that America has turned hostile to a biblical worldview. I see Ja Morant as someone who is embracing the program and the identity that the basketball world, Nike, and professional sports has given him… Ja Morant has seemingly gone crazy and the NBA and the Memphis Grizzlies have sent him down to Florida for counseling, but I don’t think Ja Morant needs counseling, I think he’s doing what basketball has instructed him to do. Listen to the theme song of the Memphis Grizzlies. This gets played virtually every home game inside FedExForum Arena when the Grizzlies play, it’s called ‘Whoop that trick.’ If I went through all the lyrics it’s as gangster, as perverted, and as obscene as any rap song out there. This is what the entire NBA and sports world has embraced, and this has been going on for the last 30-35 years. This all started when Nike had all that success with Air Jordan. Michael Jordan comes from a very good family, has a completely different profile, behavior, and persona than Ja Morant and these modern athletes. Michael Jordan is nothing like these guys. But Air Jordan started I believe in 1985, and part of Nike's strategy was getting Air Jordans on the feet and in the hands of drug dealers, gang members, and taste makers inside the inner city. It was all about getting ‘street cred’ so that all the urban kids would want Air Jordan shoes. Nike has been at the forefront of this. Then when you flip over to the other side, Tiger Woods. Another guy— good parents good kid, totally different persona than Ja Morant and the modern-day athletes. But what Nike leaned into with Tiger Woods was racial idolatry. The guy called himself a combination of ‘Black, White, and Asian’, but Nike forced him into the ‘Black’ role. They wanted to present him and package him as the Jackie Robinson of golf. Nike decided they were going to play the race card with Tiger Woods early in his career, and you could see Tiger and his dad uncomfortable with it. But this is what Nike wanted to do. Racial idolatry and gangster rap, that's what Nike felt were the key elements to elevate their brand. For the last 35 years ever since Air Jordan took off and ever since Tiger Woods became Tiger Woods, the images and the legacies of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have been perverted into gangster rap and racial idolatry. Ja Morant and every young athlete wants that Nike money, wants that street credibility, wants that racial idolatry, and wants that worship. You go into any NBA arena, any NFL stadium, you go to any of their practices facilities, you go to any college venue, you go to anything related to youth sports as it relates to football and basketball, and it is drenched in gangster rap culture, it's drenched in racial idolatry, and we wonder why Ja Morant has chosen the path that he has chosen. There's no mystery here, he's doing exactly what he's been programmed to do, and what every young athlete has been programmed to do. This dude has an identity crisis. There's what he was raised to be, and there's what the culture has made him to be. You have all of these Black athletes obsessed with tattoos, hairstyles, hair color, and fashion. They're like little teenage girls just obsessed with their looks. They’re Instagram models. We've turned male athletes into Instagram models. Feminine energy just running wild. It's no mystery, this guy has an identity crisis because we've given him one. We've drowned out his parents like we've drowned out all parents, and the culture created by Nike and the sports world is in control of our young people, and there's no mystery to why they're misbehaving. There's no mystery as to why this kid would go into a nightclub and drop $50,000 all over the floor. He wants to be seen this way. I believe Nike and the NBA want him to see himself this way. All of this feels like a marketing scheme. He's down in some kind of MK Ultra counseling session right now being perfected in his comeback story. He's just going to be more interesting after this great fall. There are now rumors that he may not return this season, but when he comes back they're going to package him up, and they're going to sell shoes, and they're going to market his story. He's going to get that thug street credibility one way or the other.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ give his theory on what triggered beleaguered Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant into such a bizarrely rapid downfall the past few months, as Whitlock believes it was simply Morant being victimized by the gangster rap ‘culture’ that the NBA and professional sports have willingly partnered with.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock discusses why he thinks ‘counseling in Florida', as Morant is reported to be undergoing, isn’t going to remotely help a young athlete who is actually having an identity crisis commandeered by social media, shoe companies, and racial idolatry.

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