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This is the Only Team in the NFL that Lamar Jackson Would Fit With

Jason Whitlock: “I want you to come from a coaching perspective about going after Lamar Jackson, and why his market isn't what he thinks it should be. All the pressure is on the coach. A coach has to raise his hand and say ‘yep, I want Lamar Jackson and I know that if it doesn't go well the media is going to totally exonerate Lamar Jackson— it’s going to be ‘how did Baltimore do X, Y, and Z with Lamar, how come you couldn't??’ What coach wants to sign up for ‘it's all my fault if Lamar comes here and gets hurt, if he throws interceptions, if he's hanging out in clubs, if he doesn't perform it's all my fault.’ That's the head coach's thought, and then if you're an offensive coordinator you got to raise your hand and go ‘yep, I can build an offense that will maximize and have Lamar Jackson playing at an MVP level’, and many of these offensive coordinators don't know how to do that. They also know that regardless of what system you put him in, if it doesn't work it's all your fault. Lamar Jackson is high-risk for any coach in my opinion because he's not going to take any blame.”

Coach Jason Brown: “There's only one place in the NFL that fits what you're talking about, only ONE. So, let's play process of elimination. First, eliminate McDaniel in Miami. He just finished year one, he had decent success, he faltered late, there's no way he can take on Lamar Jackson going into year two after the Tua debacle and all the issues that he's facing. There's no way, not with that wide receiver corps, he's like ‘I'm not touching him’, similar to what you just stated. Then you go to New York, the Jets have two good wideouts, the Rookie of the Year, the defense is possibly top two or three in the NFL, great running game, cannot afford to take Lamar into Saleh's year three of a head coach. I'm not gonna risk it. You can go through all the league and we can do this for all 32 teams. There's only one team that has a coach on the outs, who has health issues, who just hired an assistant head coach, who ran similar offensive scheme in Kansas City, who has a similar ad-lib type of guy, who learned great things from a head coach like Andy Reid, and that's Eric Bieniemy who is the coach-in-waiting for the... Washington Commanders. That head coach is a scapegoat.”

Whitlock: “You’re comparing Lamar to Mahomes and that’s crazy."

Coach Brown: “No, I'm not comparing those two at all, I'm comparing these similarities in offensive skill set and offensive game-planning. You have to game plan an offense and build it around very similar skill sets. Meaning that Lamar can ad-lib, tuck it and run, he can run RPO, but we can do something we couldn't do with Patrick, we can run true triple-option and allow Lamar to actually run the football by design. I can add that in Washington where I know and you know that Ron Rivera is waiting to go due to either health or not winning games. Eric Bieniemy is going to be plugged in there, and he's the assistant head coach, and you know dang well Ron Rivera said ‘let's go all in for Eric Bieniemy and get him Lamar Jackson.’ I think that's what they're doing, I think that's in the works, and I think that is the perfect fit to prove Eric Bieniemy can do it— everyone is kind of suspect on him. Show us then, Eric, show us you can do it by yourself. I think it's the perfect scenario for all parties involved.”

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’, and frequent guest Coach Jason Brown, made famous from his appearances as a JUCO college football coach on Netflix’s popular show ‘Last Chance U’, discuss Lamar Jackson’s alarmingly uncertain NFL future, as Coach Brown thinks there’s only one team outside of Baltimore who would work with the former MVP.

Check out the segment above as Coach Brown details why it’s the Washington Commanders.

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