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Interview With Packers CEO Appears Like Aaron Rodgers is Done in Green Bay

Photo: Matt Ludtke

Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy: “I can’t get into all the details but it’s a situation where I think we wanted to help Aaron achieve what he wanted, as well as the Packers. Hopefully it’ll create a situation where it’s a win for both sides.

Adriana Torres: “At this point is it entirely up to Aaron Rodgers on what he wants to do, and what has the communication been like the past few days and the last few weeks?”

Mark Murphy: “We’re still in discussions, I can’t really get into a lot of the specifics.”

Torres: “Fifteen years ago this Packers organization has been through something very similar with Brett Favre, even with the Jets involved with all of that, how strange has that been and what has this organization learned from 15 years ago, and now using this year?"

Murphy: “Well obviously to have had back-to-back Hall of Fame quarterbacks, it was very early in my tenure so I remember it very well with Brett’s situation, and it kind of happens in our game— very few players play for only one team. Obviously, Brett had a great career, Aaron had a great career here, and regardless of what happens, Aaron will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he’ll be in our Hall of Fame, and we’ll bring him back, retire his number, but this is just one of the things that you go through as a team. We want to try to achieve something that is both good for both Aaron and us.”

Torres: “Do you think all of this will be resolved in the next few days?”

Murphy: “Ideally, for everybody would be to have this resolved before the start of free agency on March 15.”

Torres: “Does this Packers organization believe that Jordan Love can be the face of the franchise, the future, the starting QB for this team?”

Murphy: “Yeah, we have a lot of confidence in him. We drafted him, developed him, a lot of credit goes to our coaches, and to Jordan. We do think he’s ready.”

Watch Green Bay Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy discuss the developing trade rumors involving beloved quarterback Aaron Rodgers, as Murphy appeared to be talking in a revealing past-tense commemorative fashion about Rodgers in Green Bay.

At one point Murphy told local Green Bay reporter Adriana Torres, ‘I think we wanted to help Aaron achieve what he wanted, as well as the Packers. Hopefully it’ll create a situation where it’s a win for both sides’, which seemed awfully telling just days after Jets brass flew to California to meet with Rodgers personally.

Rodgers is 39 years old and is guaranteed almost $60 million next season if he doesn’t restructure his contract, but the future Hall of Famer has hinted at a possible scenario in which he did alter his deal to alleviate his cap hit.

With deadbeat homegrown quarterback options like Zach Wilson, Mike White, and Joe Flacco as the alternative, coupled with lukewarm bridge QB candidates the likes of Jimmy Garoppolo, Jameis Winston, and Marcus Mariota, Rodgers might be the last train home for a prodigious Jets roster who is ready to ascend ASAP.

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