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Jason Whitlock on New Colin Kaepernick Memoir: 'He's a Mean-Spirited Idiot'

Jason Whitlock: “I've been a long-time Colin Kaepernick critic and he is exposing himself as one of the worst human beings in the history of America, and I say that in all serious. He's not beyond redemption, but this is a tragic, sad, confused, mean-spirited human being. This is no hero, this is no one that's interested in social justice, this is an idiot who is mean-spirited, ungrateful, and blight on the sports world, and anybody that defended this guy should be embarrassed. Surely, you've heard by now that Colin Kaepernick took a dump on his adoptive parents. I can't think of anything lower that his pursuit of fame and money would take him to this depth, to be this low, to call your parents problematic, and insinuate and flat out claim that they raised you in a racist manner."

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ discuss a recent sit-down interview Colin Kaepernick did with CBS in which Kaepernick was indifferent towards his White adoptive parents, and accused them of perpetuating racism during his ‘problematic’ upbringing.

Whitlock called Kaepernick a ‘sick, ungrateful, mean-spirited idiot’ for ‘taking a dump’ on his adoptive parents on national TV, and said Kaepernick and his delusional following are a ‘blight on the sports world.’

Check out the segment above and the full segment here where Whitlock opens up about how he used to be a fan of Kaepernick during his college and NFL career, only to see Kaepernick become ‘Mute-Hammad’ Ali, and a ‘social justice warrior’ who doesn’t even comprehend the causes he’s promoting.

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