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Here is How Colin Cowherd Reacted to the Blockbuster Bears/Panthers Trade

Colin Cowherd: “Carolina makes a deal with Chicago because they need a franchise quarterback and if Bryce Young hits it will look like they gave away nothing for this. Bryce Young better hit. To get DJ Moore and the picks, I think is the move. Chicago makes this move because they probably believe they want an edge rusher, there’s three in the top 10 to 12 picks they think are fairly similar, so you make this move. I get what Chicago is doing, if Bryce Young hits Carolina will look at this as a steal. I don’t think there is a quarterback good enough in this draft to give away DJ Moore, a second, a first, I’m not sure there is, but I’d rather teams be aggressive and fail like Carolina than be passive. And for Chicago, if they want to get an edge rusher and they don’t need a quarterback, and that appears to be the case, this is the move.” (Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd react to Friday’s blockbuster trade between the Chicago Bears and the Carolina Panthers, where the Bears dealt the no. 1 overall pick to the Panthers in return for the no. 9 pick, the 61st pick, a first-round pick in 2024, a second-round pick in 2025, and DJ Moore.

Check out the segment above as Colin believes this was an even trade for both franchises.

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