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Colin Cowherd Mocks 'Delusional' Cowboys Fans For Hyping Up Their Offseason

Colin Cowherd: “Dallas Cowboys fans are odd. They’re bizarrely dismissive of really, really good Cowboys that leave. Then they're overly optimistic of average Cowboys who enter. I think that's called ‘delusion.’ Amari Cooper leaves the Cowboys and they're like ‘ah, no big deal!’ This year in Cleveland he had nine touchdowns and almost 80 catches in quarterback dysfunction land. He's one of the top 15 receivers in the NFL. ‘Ah, no big deal!’ You guys ever looked at Dak Prescott's stats with Amari Cooper and without? In his career with Amari Cooper he has a quarterback rating of 103, without him it’s 92. It’s a different quarterback, ‘A’ quarterback to ‘B’ quarterback. With him he throws for 297 yards per game, without him he throws for 223. He's a Pro Bowler with him, he's kind of average, he's Kirk Cousins without him. You’ve never rebounded from that. Dallas loses offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, 'no big deal! Mike McCarthy will call the plays!’ What the hell are you talking about? Kellen Moore took a season last year where Cooper Rush started five games, they were rebuilding the o-line, they had lost Amari Cooper, they had only one legitimate wide receiver, and they were fourth in scoring. And now he goes to Justin Herbert? And then Dalton Schultz yesterday leaves Dallas, goes to the Texans, ‘ah, no big deal! We'll just draft a college tight end!’ What?? Dalton Schultz has been Dak Prescott's security blanket. The last three years he's had 17 touchdowns, top five for a tight end in the league. Last three years he's had 282 targets, top four in the league. Last three years he's had 2,000 yards, top seven in the league. Dalton Schultz is an excellent tight end, a total security blanket. Yet you're all fired up because Stephon Gilmore is coming to you? It's the fourth team in four years, he's going to be a 33-year-old corner. Four teams moved off him in four years. And then Brandin Cooks you’re all fired up for. He's been traded four times, he's got a concussion issue. I talked to two GM's yesterday, they love Brandin Cooks, great kid. His career? Gives you about 1,000 yards, not changing outcomes, not really a security blanket. Cowboy fans are odd. You're bizarrely dismissive of losing Amari Cooper, Kellen Moore, and Dalton Schultz. Houston Texans just stole a really good tight end, Cleveland Browns stole a number one ride receiver, the Chargers stole one of the best and smartest young offensive coordinators in football. You’re drafting 26th, and the Chargers, Lions, and Jets need a tight end, and you’re not getting the kid from Utah, or the kid from Notre Dame. Because of where your draft picks are you’re not going to get one of the top four or five tight ends, and the sixth best tight end in college ain’t close to Dalton Shultz. Cowboy fans are odd, I think it's called ‘delusion.’ Bizarrely dismissive of really impactful players and coaches that leave, and overly optimistic about guys who are like on their fourth team in four years. I don't get it at all.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the Dallas Cowboys offseason thus far and mock the Cowboys fan base for overrating the arrivals of Brandin Cooks and Stephon Gilmore, while downplaying the departures of Dalton Shultz and Kellen Moore this year, and Amari Cooper last year.

Check out the segment above as Colin calls the Cowboys fans ‘delusional’.

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