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Jason Whitlock: The Real Collusion Going On Against Lamar Jackson

Jason Whitlock: “Lamar is taking on the entire NFL establishment. Everybody is thinking that NFL ownership is the real bad guy in this situation, and that's what's popular to say— ‘WELL, THE OWNERS ARE RACIST!’, and so they're the boogeyman. But what about the agents, and how they're likely working against and rooting against Lamar Jackson? They do not want athletes representing themselves and cutting the agents out of their 5%-10% [cut]. You won't hear a lot of ESPN or FOX Sports broadcasters talking about how the agents are working against Lamar Jackson because many of their agents work for firms— CAA, or WME— that employ their individual agents. That's why you'll see the broadcasters point everything at NFL ownership, and of course the Baltimore Ravens— ‘THEY’RE MISTREATING LAMAR! THESE RACIST WHITE MEN OWNERS!’ What they will not talk about is the potential that the White Jewish agent is perhaps the real bad guy in this situation. They're not gonna talk about that, it's much easier to talk about the White owner, than the cabal of agents that control much of the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball… The collusion in the media is that Lamar Jackson should get whatever it is he wants, and there's only one side to be on with this. It's ‘LAMAR JACKSON WAS THE MVP TWO YEARS AGO! OF COURSE, YOU HAVE TO PAY HIM WHATEVER HE WANTS!’, and anybody that says ‘hey, the guy’s missed 10 of the last 22 games and declined to play in a playoff game where he probably could have played,’ it's ‘YOU’RE JUST RACIST!’, or you’re a ‘sellout’, or you're caping up for ownership. It's not ‘no, I understand how the business works, and there's a yin and a yang, and there's two sides to every argument.’ It’s not that it’s just ‘YOU’RE CAPING UP FOR OWNERSHIP!’, and ‘YOU’RE A RACIST!’, and ‘YOU’RE AGAINST LAMAR JACKSON! LAMAR JACKSON SHOULD GET WHATEVER HE WANTS BECAUSE HE’S LAMAR JACKSON, AND HE'S THE PERFECT HUMAN BEING!’… By trying to follow up on what Deshaun Watson did with his contract his ego is now involved, his pride is now involved, and everything is personal. His mom can’t give him perspective, and neither can anybody at the NFLPA. They’re not going to tell Lamar Jackson the truth, nobody is. He’s the golden child. If you say the wrong thing, you're one of the worst human beings on the planet. The man is needing an agent so this wouldn't be personal, it would just be about business. What leverage do you actually have given the fact you've been unavailable for such a high percentage of games over the last two years? Your leverage isn't any good, and that stupid contract the Browns gave DeSean Watson has made everyone say ‘I'm not gonna do it.’ There's just a very unsophisticated argument that is being had, and all the pieces aren't on the table in the discussion. They're hiding something, the broadcasters, the sportswriters, they all have agents so they’re caping up for the agent world because they're in business with them. They have no interest in telling the truth about Lamar and they have a lot of interest in just demonizing ownership, and thinking that's a great thing.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless explain his theory on why he doesn’t think Lamar Jackson is encountering collusion from so-called ‘racist’ White NFL owners, but actually from an entirely different form of collusion that is associated within another facet of professional football.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks the NFL agents are really the ones opposing Lamar, as the former MVP is notoriously known for not having any professional representation outside his own family.

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