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Jason Whitlock: The Risk in Drafting a Black Quarterback in 2023

Jason Whitlock: “If I were an NFL owner I would think twice, three times, four times, five times before drafting a Black quarterback because of what the media will do. This has nothing to do with the player, this has to do with what the media will do to that player. With Daniel Jones, if he succeeds or fails, if they cut him a year from now, two years from now, no one's gonna call him a ‘victim’, no one's going to cape up for him. You can do whatever you want to a White quarterback. When it comes to a Black quarterback, if you don't meet his every whim and demand you run the risk of being called a ‘racist’, and I wouldn't want that hassle if I'm an NFL owner. I wouldn't want the hassle of the whole media— ‘oh, my God, you gotta pay him X, Y, and Z'... They only do this for Black quarterbacks, and I would just avoid the hassle of it and go find me a White one so that if I want to mistreat him, I can mistreat him. If I want to treat him well, I can treat him well. You don't have that freedom [with a Black quarterback].The Baltimore Ravens, and not that they would ever state this publicly, but even behind the scenes they can't say to the media ‘man, the guy hasn't been available, he's missed 10 of the last 22 games’. You can't even say that because, again, that would be ‘racist.’ But if it was a White quarterback you could say ‘we agreed with his decision to sit out the playoff game but it didn't play well in the locker room, and it raised some questions.’ You can't say any of it. Logic, reason, and facts have nothing to do when you're dealing with a Black quarterback. I’m saying it sincerely, I wouldn't want the hassle of dealing with all these Black people in the media, and all over social media that are going to frame me as a bad person if I don't give Lamar Jackson, or whatever Black quarterback is the flavor of the month his every demand. ‘I’m good, give me a White quarterback.’” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless explain his theory on why he wouldn’t draft a Black quarterback in this current era, and says it has nothing to do with the overall talent or potential of the player out on the field.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he believes NFL organizations with Black quarterbacks face much more scrutiny from the media and public pressure from fans than teams with White quarterbacks when it comes to contract negotiations, with Whitlock saying if he were an NFL owner he wouldn't want to deal with the future baggage of drafting a Black QB and later being labeled a 'racist' when he didn't automatically cave to every demand the Black quarterback made.

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