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Here is Colin Cowherd's Prediction For Warriors vs. Lakers Playoff Series

Colin Cowherd: “A lot of people that I respect think the Lakers can beat the Warriors in six or seven games… I do not. I think it could be a five-game series for the Warriors, potentially. Number one reason is the Lakers don’t shoot the ball particularly well, they’re the third-worst three-point shooting team in the playoffs. They have one way to win. Get it down to AD and he’s dropping 38. If AD isn’t spectacular they have no chance to win this series. They don’t have a lot of people that do things at a really high level. LeBron is really good when he can give you 33 fresh minutes but there are times he looks tired. Even in his good games he’ll give you a half or spurts. AD should have a monster series, that I do not deny. The second reason I like the Warriors is they have so many players who are GREAT at things. Steph is a great shooter, Klay is a great spot-up shooter, Payton and Draymond are great defenders, Looney is a great rebounder, they also have a big coaching advantage. Just give Golden State one of the games because of coaching. Los Angeles is a very low ceiling offense where they are going to have to get MAJOR production from AD, who is known to have off nights, get hurt, hit the floor, and take a rest. LeBron at this point in his career has special ‘moments’ but very few special games. Memphis was also a perfect matchup for the Lakers— they had no playoff experience, and they were wildly immature. The Warriors have a ton of playoff experience and are super mature. I don’t see a lot of Lakers that do things at a spectacular level outside of Anthony Davis’ defense which is as good as anybody in the league.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd give his preview for the highly anticipated LeBron James vs. Steph Curry playoff rematch, as Colin gives his prediction for one half of the Western Conference semifinals between the Warriors and Lakers.

Check out the segment above as Cowherd is taking the Warriors in five.

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