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Colin Cowherd Says This Unassuming Underdog Will Be the AFC's No. 1 Seed

Colin Cowherd: “People perceive Kansas City, Buffalo, or Cincinnati as the number one seed in the AFC… I do not. Schedules matter. The Jacksonville Jaguars got a scheduling break. They only face four elite quarterbacks, three at home, and one at a neutral field. They have them all spaced out. They face Mahomes at home Week 2, then they don’t have to face Josh Allen until October, Week 5. Then they face Burrow at home Week 12. Then later at home they get Lamar Jackson. In the other 13 games they have a decided quarterback advantage. It’s very hard to beat great quarterbacks in their stadium or in succession week-after-week. The Jags never face an elite QB on the road, and they don’t have to face them [in succession]. Kansas City did NOT get a scheduling break. From October 1st to November 20th, seven weeks in a row, it is a gauntlet. At Aaron Rodgers, at Kirk Cousins, Russell Wilson and Sean Payton on a short week at home, then you get the Chargers with Justin Herbert, then it’s back to Denver with Sean Payton and Russell Wilson, then it’s Miami and Tua in Frankfurt, and then it’s Jalen Hurts. You’re not beating seven teams in a row like that and beating a gauntlet of elite quarterbacks. Jacksonville doesn’t have to face any of them on the road and they’re all spaced out. Also with Jacksonville, you get Doug Pederson and all these free agents baked in for year two. Jacksonville reminds me of Philadelphia last year. The coach is in year two, the quarterback is in year three, both were a surprise playoff team, Jags last year and the Eagles the year before last year, and both get an easy schedule— Jags this year and the Eagles last year. The Eagles became the number one seed in the NFC, surprising a lot of people. You can beat Herbert, Mahomes, and Hurts, but you’re not beating them three times in a row. The Jags will be the number one seed in the AFC. Jason McIntyre called it with the Eagles last year, I’m calling it with the Jaguars this year.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd give his most bold prediction of the NFL offseason, as Colin believes this unassuming AFC team will break in 2023 as the conference’s number one overall seed ahead of the likes of Kansas City, Buffalo, Cincinnati.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why the Jacksonville Jaguars will explode onto the scene in the same way the Philadelphia Eagles did last year.

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