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Here's the Advice Reggie Miller Has For Ja Morant

Dan Patrick: "If I said to you ‘Ja Morant wants to sit down and talk', what would you talk to Ja Morant about right now? Nobody is going to hear you, this isn’t on camera.”

Reggie Miller: “I want you to look at your inner-circle, and I want you to write a list down of all your boys, all your homies, and I want you to look at them all and I want you to burn it up right now. You’ve got to clean house, young man. The people who he has surrounded himself with, and some of this could be family involved as well, you’ve got to look at the whole picture, my friend, and what you have and what you can achieve, and what’s being taken away from you. Which life do you want to live? There are cautionary tales all throughout this league. I can give you a handful of guys that I’ve played with, and ones you have seen on other teams that have gone down this route. Where are they today? Ja Morant, before all this, was being painted as one of the faces of the new league and now he’s being vilified to his own doing. This is not us catching him doing something, this is HIM doing it on his own phone.”

DP: “Could you imagine David Stern’s approach as opposed to Adam Silver?”

Miller: “Oh, my… He’s lucky David Stern isn’t a hold of this. He’s SO lucky David Stern is not at the helm of this. He would have been given the Ron Artest treatment, he would have been GONE.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Hall of Fame NBA player and current TNT basketball analyst Reggie Miller join The Dan Patrick Show to explain what advice he would give embattled star Ja Morant if Morant contacted Miller personally.

Check out the segment above as Miller says Morant is very fortunate that the late-David Stern, a notorious disciplinarian, is no longer the NBA Commissioner.

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