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Colin Cowherd Makes His Pick For Nuggets vs. Lakers West Finals Series

Colin Cowherd: “The Lakers are now a championship team and I will pick them to beat Denver in six, and I think they match-up OK with Boston. I didn’t before, I couldn’t get figure it out. I just haven’t understood this Lakers team since the Trade Deadline. I thought they were bad early, they were, and they make these moves and I’m like ‘ehhh, they barely beat Utah again, and Chicago, and they’ll beat Memphis because Memphis is immature, but they won’t beat the Warriors…’ and they kind of hammered them. For the rest of this year I’m not going to compare old LeBron to young LeBron, I am just going to be able and capable of saying ‘what is he tonight? What will he be in Game 1 against Denver?’ 24-10-5, 37-38 minutes, 50% shooting with maybe the highest basketball intellect we’ve ever seen in our lives. It look me awhile but it finally hit me… They’ll beat Denver.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd give his pick for the highly anticipated Western Conference Finals series between the top-seeded Denver Nuggets and #7 seed Los Angeles Lakers.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains his recent epiphany on why he finally started to believe that the Lakers are a championship team, as Colin already had predicted the Lakers losing to the Warriors in five games last round, and had previously been consistent in his belief that the Lakers were not a serious threat.

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