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Colin Cowherd Calls Sixers the 'Kirk Cousins of the NBA' After Game 6 Choke

Colin Cowherd: “I LOVE Philadelphia. I’ve watched more Philadelphia than every team in the league besides the Lakers and the Warriors. I love it— Embiid, Harden, Maxey, Doc, ‘alpha’, crowd, rowdy, I LOVE PHILADELPHIA. But I can love something and not trust it. They have become the Kirk Cousins of the NBA. The brighter the lights, the more they shrink. They have all sorts of people with bad playoff history. Doc Rivers has lost a couple 3-1 series leads, Harden historically gags in the playoffs, and Joel Embiid has never made a conference final. They’re not beating Boston in Boston. I love watching this team, and there’s all sorts of fun, flash, ego, and alpha, but Doc Rivers teams are now on an eight-game losing streak in games in which they can clinch a conference final, 0-8. You’re at home, it’s going to be the biggest, loudest, most lubricated crowd of the year, you got a 3-2 lead, a chance to go to the Eastern Conference Finals, and their star player Jayson Tatum misses 13 of his first 14 shots… You’re so unprepared that you trail by 7 at half? You saw Harden and Embiid walking off the court, is there now dissension in the ranks? I know he’s the MVP but there are times when Harden and Embiid are both on the floor and the ball dies. Sometimes when you get Harden who over-dribbles, and Embiid who pauses and herks and jerks before shooting, the pace just dies, it’s the opposite of the Warriors. At times, and the Net Rating proves it, there are times where they’re better when Embiid is off the floor.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd blast the Philadelphia 76ers after they captured one of the most impressive road playoff wins of the season in Game 5 to the Celtics, only to gag Game 6 at home with a chance to reach the Eastern Conference Finals.

Check out the video above as Colin compares the 76ers to Pro Bowl NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins, who although is statistically always one of the best quarterbacks in the league every year, he's also infamously known for never winning big primetime games, especially in the playoffs.

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