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Colin Cowherd Mocks 'Envious' Michigan State on Harbaugh Sign-Stealing Saga

Colin Cowherd: “The pitchforks are all out to get Jim Harbaugh. The NCAA is investigating Michigan over sign-stealing allegations. According to The Athletic, Michigan State was considering not playing in the game over the ‘health and safety of its players.’ Like Michigan State can take the highroad on anything... Sign-stealing is not technically prohibited unless you use electrical equipment. Michigan sent an in-person low-level staffer to watch the other team and see if they could figure out some signs. Apparently, that is illegal, but it should be noted it was legal up until 1994. They didn’t put it in because they thought it was a massive advantage, they put it in because the lower-level programs complained ‘WE CAN’T AFFORD TO HAVE A LOW-LEVEL STAFFER GO TO OTHER GAMES!’ Basically ‘THEY HAVE A MERCEDES AND WE CAN’T AFFORD ONE! THEY’RE BAD PEOPLE!’ Nobody is winning and losing games because of a low-level staffer figuring out your bat signals. Michigan is a 3-4 touchdown favorite. Michigan State is a bit of a tire fire right now so it’s classic David Copperfield: ‘LOOK OVER TO YOUR RIGHT!’, and over to the left you’ve got the pigeon... Michigan State also leaked this story over to The Athletic so it would read ‘ALMOST CANCELLED THE GAME.’ Oh, God, get over yourself, Michigan State. This is a badge of honor for Michigan. They have not only separated from the conference, they have separated from Ohio State and worked the Buckeyes the last two years. Here comes their in-state rivals coming off the Mel Tucker situation getting a LITTLE insecure. This was ‘ILLEGAL!’ and so was that hamburger Harbaugh allegedly got somebody on campus. This is all envy and nonsense. You see this all the time in industries when somebody in their industry pulls away from everybody else... This is embarrassing for Michigan State. The fact Michigan State is over-dramatizing this and saying ‘WE WERE GONNA CANCEL THIS THING FOR THE SAFETY AND HEALTH OF OUR PLAYERS!’... Oh, lord. This sounds like Deflategate... Brady was better AFTER Deflategate. It had zero impact on Tom Brady. Michigan is on pace to have more players drafted than any team in the history of the Draft and they’re pulling away from everybody, including Ohio State. It’s amazing what fear and envy do. I am in no way saying that what he did was right, but folks, this stuff is happening every weekend.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd mock Michigan State after the Spartans threatened to cancel their upcoming game vs. Michigan for ‘health and safety’ reasons after reports surfaced that the rival-Wolverines had been using an elaborate system to steal signals from their opponents since 2021. 

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why this is simply posturing from Michigan State out of ‘envy’, as the ‘insecure’ Spartans, fresh off their infamy with disgraced former head coach Mel Tucker, need a distraction from the reality of Michigan’s continued dominance atop the Big Ten conference.

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