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Colin Cowherd Ranks the NFL's Top 10 Teams After Week 7

Watch Colin Cowherd release his Week 7 NFL ‘Herd Hierarchy’, with Colin counting down his rankings of the top 10 teams heading into Week 8.

10. Miami Dolphins (5-2, Last Week: 8): “I called them the 'fake Gucci loafers of the NFL.' They look the part but if you put them on the road vs. Buffalo and Philadelphia what is Miami? In fairness, they've got a lot of good players, the o-line was banged up, and they were missing five starters on offense. Don't sell all your Miami stock, they lead the NFL in scoring. They're a heavyweight with a glass chin and fold quickly."
9. Dallas Cowboys (4-2, Last Week: 10): “I don't love Dallas but I do think when they play a certain way they're good. They're also the most penalized team in the league and highly dependent on CeeDee Lamb. Dak completes 81% of his throws to CeeDee Lamb and that's where he usually goes in crisis. They're not quite as talented as people think, and have played the second-easiest schedule. They're not a great team."
8. Cincinnati Bengals (3-3, Last Week: 9): “They have won three of four, they're getting healthy coming off a bye, they give you a consistent pass rush, they're good situationally, Burrow is amazing, they have the hardest remaining schedule, and it would be nice if they weren't so dependent on Ja'Marr Chase."
7. Detroit Lions (5-2, Last Week: 4): "Don't sell your Lions stock, they're going to win 12 games. They have the second-easiest remaining schedule, the number four total offense, the number two rush defense, and as I said -- Lamar Jackson is 16-1 against the NFC. If you've never faced Lamar Jackson, it is an avalanche of speed and you don't know what the hell to do with it."
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2, Last Week: Unranked): “I cant believe I have the Steelers at six. This defense has 54 straight games under 400 yards. Kenny Pickett is good in the fourth quarter. He has five fourth-quarter comebacks and six game-winning drives in his last 18 starts. He's got some swag and confidence and that's a big thing for a young quarterback."
5. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-2, Last Week: 6): “13-5 in their last 18 games and lead the NFL in takeaways. In his last full season of games Trevor Lawrence has a 100 passer rating. I still feel like they're in a rebuild a little bit, but I think they've got the weapons and they can win by shootout. The only team they can't beat is Kansas City."
4. San Francisco 49ers (5-2, Last Week: 1): "Don't sell all your stock but we did get a reality on Brock Purdy. He's good but I don't think he's 'very good.' Purdy in the fourth quarter this year has a passer rating of 54. When trailing in the fourth quarter this year he has a passer rating of 17. What makes a special quarterback is to win in the fourth quarter and Brock can't do that."
3. Philadelphia Eagles (6-1, Last Week: 5): "They've lost the turnover battle in three straight games, that worries me -- they are sloppier this year. Jalen Hurts has ten giveaways and he's not healthy. He's limping and that worries me. But it's a stacked roster, AJ Brown has emerged as a star, and the defense does not allow big plays."
2. Kansas City Chiefs (6-1, Last Week: 2): "It is absolutely the fastest defense, and arguably the best in the Mahomes era. They dominate their division as usual and have 13 straight wins against their division. I don't think they have a great receiving corps."
1. Baltimore Ravens (5-2, Last Week: 3): "I've been saying this for the last three weeks, Baltimore is GREAT. This is easily the best version of Lamar Jackson. He is the second-most dangerous quarterback to face beyond Patrick Mahomes. They've always had no depth at wide receiver, but now they have Zay Flower, Odell Beckham, and Nelson Agholor."

Dropped from rankings: Bills #7

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