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Colin Cowherd Says This NFL Team is the Best Team in the League

Colin Cowherd: “Lamar Jackson is now number two in the league behind Patrick Mahomes in terms of ‘how do you prepare for a player?’ Mahomes is the ONLY player in the league that’s harder to prepare for. Here’s what I love about Lamar... Money changes people, they think they’re smarter than they are, more successful than they are... He got the bag and he’s actually changed for the better. Lamar played to protect his body, which I got and get, now he’s out to prove he’s worth the money, not sitting back and telling you how much he’s worth. He finally got wide receivers and I didn’t think they did him well with wide receivers until now. There’s something about his work ethic, his competitiveness, and his personality that is jet fuel. For all the doubters, he is so good at so many things. I’m just trying to find ONE thing Jordan Love is good at. This kid is crazy competitive, crazy athletic; his efficiency numbers are off the charts—second in the league in completion percentage. So I get efficiency, crazy athletic, crazy accurate, crazy movement, crazy competitiveness... The Lions got avalanched. NFC teams and teams that don’t face Lamar regularly have no idea what it’s like to face him. The side-armed stuff, the moving left and right, his accuracy doesn’t dip when he moves. You face him the second, third, and fourth time it’s not like you solve him, but you have some idea about the lightning you’re going to face. He’s 16-1 against NFC teams. You can’t prepare for Lamar Jackson. It was like Detroit was ‘observing’ Lamar Jackson. They certainly couldn’t stop him. This Lamar is the best Lamar. I thought his first half in London against the Titans was the best first half of any quarterback I’ve seen this year. Between the coaching, that defense, Lamar, and those receivers-- this morning that’s the best team in the NFL. Not San Francisco, not Kansas City, THAT is the best team in the NFL.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks this team is the NFL’s best team this morning. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details how Lamar Jackson has turned the Ravens into the league’s toughest matchup. 

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