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Colin Cowherd: How to Fix the Deteriorating Denver Broncos

Colin Cowherd: “Russell Wilson’s contract kicks in next year and there’s a feeling they’d move off it at the end of this year before they got into the contract. This is not unprecedented. The LA Rams did this, they signed Goff and agreed to a deal in 2019. The contract was going to start in 2021 and they traded him right before the contract started in Detroit. The Rams were paying Goff a fortune AND Matt Stafford a fortune, AND they gave up picks. And then won the Super Bowl... How? Like Denver, very good offensive coach with a handful of very nice players, and they got Matthew Stafford. How do you get out of this mess? Drake Maye, Caleb Williams... solves it. Remember Joe Flacco wins a Super Bowl, signs a massive contract, and then starts deteriorating, and then he’s at the end of his big contract and it’s like -- ‘he’s not very good, he’s expensive', and Lamar Jackson solved all the problems. That’s all it takes. I don’t know where the road leads if you draft Drake Maye or Caleb Williams, but I do know that Sean Payton and Russell Wilson feels like a dead end. Think of how we view Jared Goff now in this league. When he was with the Rams it was like ‘dud in the Super Bowl, very limited, can’t beat the Niners, and highly expensive.’ Look at him now in Detroit – he's held in very high regard. I think Russell Wilson has a spot but this is not it. All teams make painful mistakes. The Rams would probably now admit they signed Goff after they got a little emotional too early. They got rid of him before the big money came in and won a Super Bowl with Stafford in his first year. Even in their rebuilding year [this season], they’re still kind of good with Stafford. What you have to do in this league and in every business is if you make a mistake—own it and don’t double-down on it. Everybody makes mistakes, just own it. What you can’t do is double-down on it or accept it. Drake Maye and Caleb Williams feel like solutions. Start trading off pieces, have a bad year and it could be a very good future very, very soon.”  

Watch Colin Cowherd explain how he would ‘fix’ the flat-lining 1-5 Denver Broncos, as Sean Payton is following in the footsteps of Nathaniel Hackett for one of the most humiliating coaching performances in league history.

Check out the segment above as Colin lays out a plan similar to what the Los Angeles Rams did the year they traded Jared Goff to the Detroit Lions, which culminated in Los Angeles winning a Super Bowl with Matthew Stafford.

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