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Colin Cowherd Says Michigan Sign-Stealing Outrage is Bred From Jealousy

Colin Cowherd: “Sources: Michigan Staffer on Harbaugh’s Staff Had Tickets at 11 Big Ten Schools...’ You do get this is ‘Deflategate’? If Kirk Cousins was found to have a slightly over-inflated ball for a couple games it would not get a suffix, it would not be called ‘Gate’, it would not be a story. It would be a Saturday Night Live skit. But with Tom Brady it’s a MAJOR CONTROVERSY because you couldn’t beat him, and right now nobody can touch Michigan. They humiliate Ohio State who generally humiliates the rest of the conference. If Purdue was doing this, nobody would care. It would be the eighth story on So let me get this straight: a staffer who bought tickets on SeatGeek and used his i-Phone in the third deck—THAT’S changing everything? When they made this rule in the 90s they didn’t do it because it was a big competitive advantage, they did it because it was unfair to the have-nots who couldn’t afford a staffer. They did it trying to eliminate camcorders and film crews. Have you been to a football game in 2023? EVERYBODY has got a phone, EVERYBODY is taping. EVERYBODY IS DOING IT. Buying tickets on SeatGeek, third-deck, shaky I-Phone- this is not Russian espionage. College fanboys, new rule: if you didn’t know a rule existed before this story you can't be outraged by it. It’s 2023, everybody’s got an I-Phone and you can go buy Purdue’s best players. THAT’S a bigger issue and that’s now legal. I’m supposed to be bummed out because of a shaky i-Phone? Like Steve Sarkisian said, everybody is doing it and it’s not changing the games, the scores, and the outcomes.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd downplay the ongoing Michigan Wolverines sign-stealing scandal and chalk it up to ‘envy’, with Colin saying it’s just another overblown ‘cheating scandal’ like Deflategate was for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. 

Watch the segment above as Colin describes the allegations against the Michigan football program as laughable and simply a story bred from ‘jealousy.’

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