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Colin Cowherd: Why the Cowboys Are Finally Primed For a Super Bowl Run

Colin Cowherd: “This year for Dallas reminds me of the Cam Newton year and the Matt Ryan year where the Panthers and Falcons got to the Super Bowl. Everything is lining up. First of all, for Dak to win MVP... Aaron Rodgers is hurt, Burrow is gone, Mahomes is trying to work with all these kid wide receivers and having a down year, Josh Allen is a turnover machine... It’s kind of lining up for the MVP. This Dallas team feels a little like that Carolina team that went 15-1 – big emotion, blew out a lot of teams, was great playing with the lead, was better at home, great defensive players, multiple Pro Bowlers and playmakers on the defensive side. And the Atlanta Falcons team reminds me of this team because both had Dan Quinn coaching the defense, both had one star receiver – CeeDee Lamb for the Cowboys and Julio Jones, Matt Ryan had come off a heavy interception year and the year they got to the Super Bowl he cut way down on his picks. Dak last year was tied for the NFL lead in picks, they’ve come way down this year. They had one great pass-rusher, one great offensive lineman, and a Dan Quinn defense. I didn’t think that Carolina team was great, the Atlanta team was great, and I don’t think Dallas is great. Eventually, Carolina and Atlanta were beat by a legendary quarterback with a number one defense. Brady with that Patriots defense, and then the Peyton Manning/Denver defense went on to beat the Cam Newton Panthers team. If Mahomes ends up playing Dallas, I’d take Kansas City and Mahomes to beat Dallas. Everything that year lined up for Carolina -- big emotion, defensive playmakers, lot of blowouts, play downhill, heavy emotion, and a quarterback who is ‘good’ having a ‘great’ year – Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, and Dak Prescott.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks this Dallas Cowboys season is closely mirroring some of the great unexpected Super Bowl runs of the era.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why everything just seems to be ‘lining up’ for the Cowboys making their first Super Bowl appearance since 1996.

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